Monday, March 24, 2014

The Truth About Rods and Orbs

Rods are not other worldly beings, they are insects.

Orbs are not other worldly beings, they are dust, pollen and moisture.

(just walked through a cemetery road)

(dust storm)


If you're wandering around a home and taking pictures and get orbs, you just kicked up dust, no matter how clean a house is, it's there and no matter how much you clean your hair, when you run your hand through it, you get particles. If you're outdoors, you will get orbs during concerts, at parks, in graveyards. In fact, if you take the picture in a dusty atmosphere, you can see with your eyes all the particles glowing in the air in front of the flash. The last time Julie and I went on a hay ride, the tractor kicked up tons of dust and when she took a picture, all the people around us let out an excited gasp when they saw the particles light up like glitter.

Lesson done. Class over. Let's move on...

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  1. I've seen an orange orb that moved form a stationary spot and stopped next to me this orb was intelligent I was 9 years old it came up to my bedroom window and all you could see out of the window was this orb when i pinched myself to see if i was awake I said out loud yep I am awake and the orb disappeared