Mind Fuck Tuesday: Atlanteans!

Ancient giants -

Another "hypothesis" I would like to toss out -

What if when there was one continent long ago that held the very earliest form of what would become man. What if it broke off, drifted apart and early forms of man were scattered to continents?

What if each form of man grew differently depending on the resources on the land he found his home on as he evolved over thousands of years?

What if the ancients giants grew large and strong on a very fertile land that had immense resources ("Atlantis") and scattered around the world after calamity - probably volcano considering fertile ground that was plentiful.

So, they evolved differently based on awesome resources and climate and that made their minds advance before homo sapiens and able to do things that paleo-indians marveled at when they encountered them later on.

It could be that the Atlanteans brought their language and culture, metal work and fishing/boating capabilities around the world, which unified things like pyramids and hieroglyphs on disparate continents.

What might unify us, is a race of giants who grew that way because of the conditions of their environment of thousands and thousands of years combined with so many resources, they had the time and ability to develop their skills and learn more than those who had to travel in search of resources. It's quit astonishing to think that an "Atlantis" might have truly existed and that the occupants might have jump-started knowledge and language, textile weaving, and all sorts of advanced concepts to people around the world, making all these similarities we see today making sense. Similarities such as man developing language, written and oral, art and spirituality, metal work, fishing, and other skills.

What might have happened to this giant race? Did they interbreed with the shorter races on the continents they went to and therefore bred out the height, except that rare person in our population today who upon occasion makes it to 6 feet 7 inches?

Or, might these tall beings succumbed to new lands, new illnesses, and other vulnerabilities that their sheltered Atlantis had kept them from experiencing?

Was it as written in the Indian legends of driving off the giants, that these potential Atlanteans were driven from lands and dwindled as they scattered, searching for resources and safe harbors. Or, were they evolving into the hairy tall beings we see in our woods today?

I do believe it is possible to prove that they existed and if archaeologists and anthropologists take it more seriously, we could find ways to connect ancient architecture and hieroglyphs and find the common thread. Even the script at the mound in Moundsville, WV, has not been deciphered. If we find the key to this, we may learn much about these people and their dealings with the Natives. They might have even told the legends of their origins passed down through many hundreds of generations.

Cataclysms, people with unusual knowledge who seem almost "alien" in appearance, humanity coveting metals and building stone structures - all things that are commonly repeated around the world, along with the legends of the giants roaming the earth and the findings of their bones in the past few centuries.

There comes a time when we as a society have to develop collective amnesia of what we were instructed in school in our cultural brainwashing, and start to look at the evidence here on Earth and make the proper connections as to our history, the legends, and how and where ancient giants fit into this puzzle. I suspect when we do this, we will finally go "aha!" And, suddenly everything about us will make sense for the first time because it rings true and all the connections meet in unambiguous ways.