Is Bigfoot a Train-Riding Hobo?

Reports of Bigfoot "camps" near railroad tracks have some researchers saying "they hike on trains to get back and forth across the country." There have been intriguing reports from folks seeing strange shadowy figures hunkered down in box cars and others standing strangely near the tracks as trains approach. What do we make of this?

But, there is also the very real and practical reason being that they use the train tracks as clear path without footprints to head back and forth between areas. As well, clans live along water sheds and tracks were laid down in regards to towns and towns were built based on water sources, so is this incidental or purposeful?

Is Bigfoot a hobo or just practical about utilizing tracks for his own personal pathway?

The Sasquatch have territories, regions that they are used to living in and their clans reside. They are not gypsys or vagabonds. The exception could be a young male looking for new territory and a mate. We have long known that they can utilize cave systems and even storm sewers. They know how to adapt to an environment, even if it is hairless-human-made.  Is it possible they appreciate the remoteness of most train runs and use this form of transportation, as well?

In the case of wanting a mate out of the range of usual mating stock along the watersheds and confluences, a young male could consider a train as fast transport, but here's some of the issues I have with random train trekking -

Given the lengths Bigfoot go to in order to avoid us hairless ones, it seems rather risky to jump onto a moving vehicle and not know where its destination is.  The stop-off points of trains are not always remote. Trains that carry passengers go into cities and trains that carry supplies go into depot areas for unloading, but these are always well manned. That a Bigfoot would decide to jump a random train while it's resting and risk being found inside a car and then ride it to an unknown place - well, it doesn't jive with the keen methods they use to stay hidden.

This concept is passed around much of the Bigfoot research community and I don't find it a valid path to follow, so I haven't concerned myself with it, but I thought it would be an interesting subject to broach on here. It's good to know all the ideas running around the community of Bigfootery.


  1. Logging roads, and areas cleared for power lines make for super highways in the forest.

    1. Well put, Barry. They do run into BF often on logging roads, power line roads and forestry service roads. Why not utilize them, especially if they tend to want to travel at night?


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