Alien Bases Protecting Earth?

One of the most unusual legends to come around that most people would scoff at immediately and wave their hand in the air, bemoaning all conspiracy theories, is the concept of alien bases on earth. These bases, some attribute to being hidden underwater (hence the sightings of USOs, unidentified submersible objects and a vast ocean to hide in) and others believed to be underground. 

Part of this legend includes the concept that the aliens have equipped in the earth, silos that can take out any intruders, be it meteor or alien race, and keep us under their safe keeping.

Let's talk about some of the correlations being made - 


TUNGUSKA - Siberia
1908 - an enormous explosion destroyed hundreds of square miles and it was believed to be caused by a meteor that was made up of mostly ice and exploded above the ground, not leaving a real crater. But,Yuri Lavbin has spent 12 years researching the mystery of the "Tunguska meteorite" and believes he has found the key to one of the great scientific enigmas of the last century, though many scientists remain sceptical.  He is president of the "Tunguska Spatial Phenomenon" Foundation in Krasnoyarsk, made up of some 15 enthusiasts, among them geologists, chemists, physicists and mineralogists, who have been organising regular expeditions to the area since 1994. Lavbin's theory is that a comet and a mysterious flying machine collided 10 kilometres (six miles) above the earth's surface causing the explosion. He and his team say that on an expedition to the Podkamannaya Tunguska river in July they found, between two villages, two strange black stones in the form of regular cubes with their sides measuring a metre and half (five feet). These stones "are manifestly not of natural origin," Lavbin says. They appear to have been fired and "their material recalls an alloy used to make space rockets, while at the beginning of the 20th century only planes made of plywood existed." He claims that the cubes are the remains of a flying machine, perhaps an extraterrestrial spaceship, while admitting that an analysis of the stones has yet to be undertaken. He found something else: a huge white stone "the size of a peasant's hut" stuck in the top of a crag in the middle of the devastated forest. "Local people call it the 'reindeer stone'. It is made of a crystalline matter which is not typical of this region," Lavbin said. He suggests it is part of the core of a comet.  

NASA Footage

Another bit of evidence some believe supports this theory is this NASA footage (go to the 40-second mark)  Was this an alien base shooting an incoming competitive alien craft? That's what some believe.


UFOs Over Military Sites

Other supporting evidence includes the UFOs that hovered over missile silos and other strategic places in the latter 1960s. It's believed by some that this was a show of curiosity about what we might be doing to destroy the very planet they help to populate and develop.  

 Fast Development Of Technology

Some would say that advances in our technology coincided with us discovering one of the bases and being forced to capitulate to our very designers and protectors. 

This is not our planet, would be the assumption, we are only leasing.

Area 51

As if to add more fuel to the fire, some believe there is more proof that aliens have been among us and that Area 51 is the seat of much knowledge in that regards. They say that Bob Lazar who claimed to help work on reverse engineering UFOs was accurate in his depiction of how they do it - especially now that the element UnUnPentium has been found!

For the propulsion of the studied vehicles, Bob Lazar claims that the atomic Element 115 served as the fuel. Element 115 (temporarily named "ununpentium" (symbol Uup)) reportedly generates a miniscule gravity field which can be tapped and greatly amplified because the field happens to extend just beyond each atom's outermost electron shell. Exactly how this field is accessed, however, remains unclear. But the end result is allegedly a highly directional gravity distortion field. Under proton bombardment, furthermore, it is claimed that the atoms of Element 115 produce antimatter particles which participate in a process of extremely efficient energy production for powering any and all systems and subsystems within the craft. The mass of the nuclear fuel aboard each craft was said to be approximately two kilograms and was enough to last for several years before requiring replenishment.  The large-scale gravity distortion effect is produced by three independently steerable waveguides or tubes within the craft and results in a foreshortening or compression of space-time that would, in effect, greatly shorten the distance and travel time either to a local or interplanetary or, possibly, an interstellar destination.

Interestingly, in 2003 (Discover Magazine)  - an international team of nuclear physicists and chemists found new and confirming evidence that establishes another new chemical element — one of the growing family of superheavy substances. The team created 30 atoms of element 115 by firing a beam of calcium atoms at a piece of americium foil. The radioactive ununpentium (a temporary name meaning “one-one-five”) existed for only a fraction of a second before decaying into other elements.  Next, physicists and chemists will try to make more of the mysterious metal to explore its “table manners” — its properties and structure. 


Alien abductions are also talked about being a way that the aliens manage to check in on our development, how we evolved and adapt to our changing conditions and planet. 

In Conclusion ....

Evidence seems to accumulate that aliens do visit the earth and they use craft and then they retreat and they are interested in us and what we are doing and they may even feel a pride of ownership in this experiment called Earth.  

If one adds up some of the weird occurrences relating to aliens and UFOs, this explanation, as outlandish as it sounds, holds some promise as for motivation for visiting us on this planet. 

Are they really from an origin far away? I'd find that hard to believe, not just by means of getting here from that distance, but because if they had bases here and craft, over time they would need to produce metal for repairs and other elements that would be quite obvious that they were smelting and preparing and utilizing our resources. It's not like they have a UFO factory here and it is not something they could necessarily do underground or undersea. They would have to exposed to get what they need. 

So, that leaves us with another possibility, that they are trekking back and forth from another realm/world/dimension and can go back and forth readily, leaving them not exposed to our sightings as much as they would be if they were existing here. In other words, they come, check on us yearlings, and then go back. Any protection systems they have planted in our world, would go off automatically when incoming arrives, kindof like a security system in a home.

Do I subscribe to this concept of alien bases? Not really, but it certainly ties up a lot of different concepts together, so kudos on the theory!