On the Road: The Monastery Mystery

Next on Julie's and my trek through the Arizona desert, we went from "THE THING" (yesterday's post) to Tombstone. On the way, we like to be playful. We saw a huge area in Texas Canyon filled with boulders everywhere. It made us think of one of our favorite campy movies "Tremors." So, we had to stop and pay homage to Burt Gummer!

Let the road tell you what you're going to do. Don't try to dominate the road with plans and time tables. Believe me, you will find all kinds of serendipity. 

We heard of a monastery in St. David, Arizona and we were intrigued, so we stopped and found the single most peaceful place I've ever felt energy wise, even more than Sedona. It was filled with lovely feng shui and quiet.

We wandered by the pond, the chapel, cemetery, and meditation garden.

I stood in the meditation garden on the bridge over the koi fish pond and closed my eyes, drinking in the energy and feeling renewed when I felt someone's eyes on me. I opened my eyes and looked straight at a man in long orange robes wrapped around his body, walking across the grass towards a building. His face was even orange, which I felt was strange and wondered if that was some odd ritual. He raised a hand in hello and I raised mine.

I wouldn't have thought anything of this encounter, except this was Tuesday and by Friday morning, we were leaving Bisbee when we exited the mountain tunnel and entered the desert where a man in long orange robes and an orange face was walking towards the tunnel headed for Bisbee.  Three days and 45 miles he had walked that open desert, with not so much as a bottle of water in his hand!

Desert holds some very unusual secrets....

(Next post is about Tombstone!)


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