Mind Fuck Tuesday: What Is the Next Realm Like?

In my post on Ghost Hunting Theories about "My Alien Encounters," I described a dream about what it's like to go to the next realm, comparing it with the locks in a canal - a decompression process to shed physicality - well, the other night I got new info!

I was lying in bed, not ready for sleep yet, but letting my body go into rest state and mind in alpha. Then, all at once I was pulled into what some would call the portal to Heaven or I call the other realm.

First, I will say that folks who have synesthesia are retaining that knowledge of the other realm. I have always had another foot in the other realm and synesthesia has always been an issue and now I know why.  Synesthesia is a "confusion of senses" where one might see numbers as colors or hear scents or, as in my case, see time and information spatially - info held outside the body in a 3D grid.  Beyond the confines of what we know as our 3-dimensional physicality, we actually do not utilize 5 senses to process input into our brain computer. It's a whole different thing in the next realm!

Let me see if I can explain this in dimensions:

A 2D image on a photograph has no sense of height. It also has no cognizance or intelligence. It merely represents something that exists in the third dimension - us. 

A 3D person has intelligence and cognizance and 5 senses and a brain to process input about other 3D elements around them. But, they lack another depth of intelligence/perception and input other than limiting 3-dimensional that is limited to the 5 senses to perceive and the brain to understand. We are more "developed" than the 2D image, but still not at the potential for absolute life. We are also mortal and the brain shuts down and physicality decays upon death, like a photographic image when wet, no longer holds its image.

The next realm adds a new dimension to things and, as I lay there in bed, this is what happened. First of all, it wasn't the first time I've been in this existence of the other realm - and because there aren't usual senses, I can only say everything looked rather orange/brown, but that's because I'm sort of seeing a connection more than the literal color of the place. I can't seem to fully perceive that substance comes across as a color and that is the closest color I could use in my 3D form to understand it - I am feeling texture with my "sight" and hearing connections and all kinds of cross wiring. 

I jutted out from my body so that I entered a sort of stream of layers of input - not like senses exactly but more like a computer processing huge amounts of info at one time. I was everywhere and no specific site for my "body of knowledge" (like the brain is within the body). Without a body, I was connected to all other information that did not have a central hub - able to process every aspect of the universe from what we consider, past, present and future to all content that would be sensory to all other beings. It was a "collective" feeling not even so much individual.  There was no sense of me, who I was in this realm or what I deemed important in this existence.

You know how you process info in your head, but you're missing a great deal of insight - like what others are thinking, what is happening in another town, why the sky sometimes turns green during lightning.... Well, when you are in this next realm/dimension, you have no separateness of information or experience. You understand the "glue" that holds everything together and the knowledge you had in 3D form was as blank and dull as we view a photographic image's knowledge. 

There are no separate events or separate existences or separate information.

This correlates with repeated descriptions by those who have gone through near-death experiences who describe that the "other world" seemed real and it made this one seem "fake." They came back to a world of physicality and separateness:  I am here, you are there, the tree is above me, the ground is below me, the past is behind me, the future is ahead of me, New York is 1000 miles away... Our very concepts of this world involve "location" and "time" to an extraordinary degree.

The emotional component was joy, rapture, love, almost a superhero high mixed with childlike joy and no fear at all, even though I had no life experience to completely compute where I was.  

The visual was stunning. I had a few moments of view of a huge silvery marshland reflecting light with reeds sticking out of it and then as if a sheet were snapped, I saw a field to the left, green, but this vivid green as if it had a light within and dotted with colored flowers of such an assortment, it reminded me of a nostalgic painting. But, the colors, the clarity, were not like gazing at a pretty scene, they were almost interactive in nature - visceral - synesthetic.

I hope your mind on a dull Tuesday was stimulated to the point of opening wide and letting in some warm light. As always, thank you for reading this and sifting through the concepts as you go about the drone-worker day of Tuesday.