Important Message For the Bigfoot Field

This message below is written by my dearest friend and mentor, Steve Summar, and I agree 100% with what he is saying and I suspect any other respectful researchers of the Sasquatch People would agree. Sharon Day

The Sad Enigma of Sasquatchery

For decades I have experienced varying degrees of interaction and activity with the North American Aboriginal Ancient Peoples commonly referred to as Sasquatch.

Since my retirement as an oil and gas operator and producer, I have worked diligently with several like-minded researchers to promote benign No Kill, peaceful and respectful observational Sasquatch research, utilizing Goodall/Fossey methodology. 

I am not a Sasquatch researcher.  I enable, facilitate, network and occasionally fund and equip people involved in genuine verifiable Sasquatch habituation, with an emphasis on long term or multi-generation habituation.  Heads up people…there are numerous well documented habituation sites in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and many provinces of Canada.  These are sites I have direct or indirect personal knowledge of, and am certain there are many more I am not familiar with.

We are shocked, offended and ashamed of the current state of Sasquatchery.  In the past, idiots and thugs with selfish agendas, have hunted, harassed and occasionally murdered Sasquatch people.  Reality television has taken Sasquatchery to a new level of inhumanity.

Every week we are assaulted with a new reality series depicting the Sasquatch people as monstrous, menacing and a threat to society.  A thug mortally wounds without provocation an adult Sasquatch while waving its raised arms in surrender, and then kills in cold blood one of the Sasquatch children at close range.    On a recent episode of Bigfoot Bounty, this thug boasts of his crime, without remorse.  On another series the same thug is told his tissue sample submitted for DNA analysis tested positive for black bear, over a beer he feigns angst while relishing his new found plausible deniability legal defense.  Who is the monster in this event?  Where is our outrage at this wanton bloodlust?

The TBRC, originally a No Kill group now openly promotes “Operation Endurance” in southeastern Oklahoma to harvest a voucher specimen of “woodape” ostensibly for species identification, shame on them and shame on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife for tolerating such illegal activity.  Where is our outrage?

In another outrageous incident, a thug miscreant and a docu-drama film crew lure a Sasquatch into their camp with ribs nailed to a tree within the city limits of San Antonio, Texas.  The thug shoots the fleeing Sasquatch, then monetizes the grisly deed by pimping the corpse on a macabre sideshow national tour, while gloating he would kill again.  Who is the monster?  Where is the outrage?  Where is the Texas Wildlife Department?

In my humble opinion…

The North American Aboriginal Ancient Peoples were here before any of us and have every right to be here, free to pursue their culture and family values.  If DNA analysis results in their classification as a branch of the genus Homo, efforts are in motion to assure their rights will be adjudicated.  This solution would address the concerns of the timber, mining and recreational tourism industries.

The Sasquatch people should be allowed to live they’re lives free from hunting and harassment, they should enjoy the rights of ingress and egress as they freely move around the country.  Essentially they should enjoy the same basic constitutional protection afforded all citizens.   Eventually within a generation or two we should be able to peacefully coexist and interact with one another.

All those contemplating hunting the Sasquatch people, should know there is no statute of limitation on Homicide.

Live and let live…

Steve Summar


I have had several encounters with Sasquatch, beginning as a youth over five decades. Two of those class A sightings are posted on the BFRO website, numbers 1149 and 8591…I don’t “believe” in the Sasquatch people, I know for a fact they exist.

Regarding the alleged slaughter of the innocents…I hope you are correct, but I fear you are not. Most of my sources agree…the thugs did the deeds, in either case the North American Aboriginal Ancient Peoples, deserve the same respect they accord us.

For the record…The term North American Aboriginal Ancient Peoples, was coined by the late Bobbie Short and Chris Murphy.

My work within the no kill/habituation community speaks for itself. If you have activity…protect your location, identity and the Sasquatch people…gift utilitarian items, blankets buckets, hatchets, machetes, shop hammers, rope, curry combs, brushes and stuffed animals…and the occasional snickers bar. If you need advice contact Sharon Day, if you have an axe to grind…cut some firewood. I am an American, USAF Veteran, and I don’t wear panties, or post anonymously.

live and let live…

Steve Summar


  1. The Ojibway have within their Clan system a limited number of totems. The final being - The Wildman. Within the Ojibway society there are those walk the path of The Miidewin; they walk a spiritual path which require passing certain 'trials' to be accepted within that healing society. The final trial is being able 'to walk the path of the Wildman' and is very involved with returning to nature - on every level of the human experience.

    What may appear as a 'sasquatch' may in fact be an 'upright human being' so these trigger happy fools need to be aware that they may be committing murder, for the sake of their fragile egos. A bear had to die just to prove this person on TV is NOT the better man he could be. Best they need to stick to what they do best - shooting deer, ducks and baited bears.

  2. Mr. Summar

    The reason for no outrage is a very good one. The incident you are refering too never actually happened. The sleeveless one is a liar pure and simple.

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  3. Sometimes i am ashamed of being human.Why do we have to kill anything to be sure that we are believed?I have encounters i believe!it is enough for me.i only want to work to help protect them and their habitat.


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