Hutchison: Silent Genius?

John Hutchison is a  68-year-old Canadian who professed to experiment with Nikola Tesla's theories and test a miniature version of the Philadelphia Experiment in his home.  His videos touting the "Hutchison Effect" can be found all over the Internet, but the man himself has supposedly gone underground in an effort to hide from officials who did not like his experiments.

So, is he a manic depressive with grandiose expression or a forward-thinking mind? Let's take a look at some of the experiments he's been working on.

(From Rational Wiki.Org) While attempting to recreate the experiments of engineer Nikola Tesla in the late 1970s, Hutchison claims to have discovered many new phenomena, primarily manifesting in metals. The effects of his experiments supposedly included metal objects floating to the ceiling, shattering, becoming warm, fusing with other objects and other interesting manifestations. These disparate manifestations are all lumped together under the name "Hutchison Effect." Explanations of the effect rely heavily on technobabble, especially referencing zero point energy and the Casimir effect.
No attempt to replicate Hutchison's experiments by a third party has so far been successful. Many agencies, including NASA, have attempted to recreate Hutchison's Effect. After extensive testing, Marc Millis, NASA's head of finding new propulsion methods for spacecraft, wrote:

"This "Hutchison Effect" has been claimed for years, without any independent verification — ever. In fact, its originator can't even replicate it on demand. This has been investigated more than once, been part of documentaries on The Discovery Channel, but still never seems to pass critical muster. This is in the category of folklore. In general, the "American Antigravity" web site caters to such folklore and its enthusiasts." —Marc G. Millis
The story gets more and more manic as you find videos of his supposed experiments selling for ridiculous sums and a website that appears to be his official website run by who knows? That offers you buy newsletters, videos, experiment findings....

There's some pro's and con's to whether Hutchison created any effects other than delusional. First of all, if the US government had tried to recreate his experiments, it seems they would get results if the experiments were geuine. They wouldn't have constructed it if there didn't seem to be substance to the components and principals. So, if they found something valid and tried it, there are two choices - it didn't work or it did work. If they had the exact components, it should have been repeatable. If it had genuinely created effects when he did it with those components, then either the US found he hoaxed it or they found something and they certainly aren't going to share knowledge of a potential weapon.

The principals are interesting ones - to take the concepts of Tesla's Zero Point Energy theory and running with it. No doubt, every note Tesla ever took, everything he ever worked with has been examined, explored, and taken apart and reconstructed over and over. What exactly the  government knows about where Tesla's experiments were headed, we may not know any time soon.

This video above is really interesting, but nothing that this man might or might not have done in experiments is a moot point because it will never see the light of day or be exposed as a hoax unless this is all done out in the public eye. If he truly stumbled onto something, nothing will be ever be done with that knowledge. The normal sequence of events would have been to have corporations or governments work with him in his experiments and support his research, but that isn't happening, so for now, he might go down in the historic annals as an urban legend.

For now, he remains an enigma, a puzzle, and to some a genius or delusional madman.