Funny Named Places

Titlis, Switzerland
That's right - ya gotta have balls to ride this.

Dildo, Canada
The town that can never have enough AA batteries

Wankers Corner, Oregon
The one corner you don't mind doing time out in.

Wet Beaver Creek and Dry Beaver Creek, Arizona
Do you turn left or turn right?

Anus, France
A town full of brown nosers
Please - EXIT ONLY

Bald Knob, Arkansas
Apparently, it isn't just the lawns that are manicured here 

Smackass Gap, Virginia
They must have a helluva a football team!

Spread Eagle, Wisconsin
The citizens are all a bunch of posers

Ta Ta Creek, Canada
The most RSVP'd invitation by any man

Big Bone Lick Park, Kentucky
The most visited location by the local boys

Beaver Lick, Kentucky
Relax. Enjoy. Don't mind if I do

Penistone, England
Town slogan, "you could cut diamonds with it"

Tumbledown Dick Rd., England
Can he throw it over his shoulder like a continental soldier?

Nothing, Arizona
Move on. There's nothing here to see

Dunmovin, California
Apparently, they had enough of earthquakes

Gays Creek, Kentucky
And I thought we'd gotten past segregation

Halfway? The tease!


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