Dale the Doll: I Am A Real Ghost Hunter

The trip with The Human and Ms Julie did not start off well. The Human got me a cowboy outfit and I figured I'd hob nob with the Tombstone Earps, but then I found out she was getting me a "Baby Cowboy" outfit complete with diaper snaps!

I didn't let that take me down. I was determined to be a ghost hunter and show them both!

Then, they put me in the car and The Human duct tapped my mouth. She apparently doesn't like when I ask if we're there yet.

I kept my dignity when they put me in the haunted hotel room up against a closet door and referred to me as a "trigger object." I cautiously waited until they departed to sift through The Human's ghost hunting vest for her tools. Some of them made no sense to me, like the metal rods bent at right angles or the little pointy stone on a chain. There was a cool meter that lit up and I think that must be the handy ghost meter that makes her so successful. She doesn't see me as a legitimate ghost hunter, but I was not only a great ghost hunter, but I did it all alone!

I was very brave doing this task that would frighten most humans and I think I kept my dignity.