Bigfooter's Videos Of Interest

There's a lot of folks in the field of Bigfootery who are grandstanding, hoping for a show, wanting attention, trying to provide activity - but I concentrate my focus in research on those who are valid and gentle researchers who love a good puzzle, know the woods, and stop and note all the tons of clues that Bigfoot leave.

Fred has come to my attention. This Virginia researcher seriously knows the outdoors. He's not just a hunter and a man who knows his woods intimately, but he does videos that have me riveted. I feel as if I'm walking alongside him and he's telling about the outdoors, stopping and noting things and describing even being infrasound blasted while it's happening.

I highly suggest, if you really want to know the truth about Bigfoot and how they live and what they do - watch his videos, subscribe to his channel.


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