Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions for 2014

The obvious resolution - to slip back into your 20-year-old body.

HEALTH:  Yeah, that's on my list. I do plan to do a bikini photo shoot at an abandoned building when I get there, but for me at the ripe age of 51, it's more about wanting to beat the family history; dad died at 59 (heart attack), mom at 74 (smoking), sister at 50 (gastric bypass complications), and brother at 43 (alcoholic cirrhosis). So, lifestyle has been a big focus for me and I made the transition to vegan lifestyle and a nutrient-dense diet and it has helped me to look much younger than my age, but also feel much younger than my age!

I co-run a site on Facebook that I hope inspires others called "Nutri-Bullet, Juicing, Smoothies, and Herbs."

CAREER:  That isn't my only goal. Last month, I took the huge leap of leaving a job I had been doing for 21 years. And, I switched over to full-time stock trading, something I had been doing for a year and a half to accrue enough capital to make it do-able. I still feel guilty that my days are so simple. When it's stressful, it's very stressful, but that's a short portion of the day. The rest is spent researching and chasing news and changes in the industries I'm invested in. After that, I'm freed up. In fact, I enjoyed my first Christmas not working since 1992! With this new job in place, the goal for me is to accrue enough to buy a home and have a secure place to live no matter what happens with the economy.

EXPERIENCES:  Para-conferences, book signings, publishing more books and lots of mad-cap adventures. In fact, Julie and I are talking about a trip to Vegas and Death Valley in February. I will cover all the weirdness here and on my Facebook page (links to my other social media sites are on the left-hand side of the blog).

PERSONAL: Mostly, I'm resolved to take care of myself. I ignored myself for a long time stuck in a sweatshop job that was giving me the most horrendous sciatica and no way to heal it. I am taking care of me, treating myself more gently and respectfully and expanding my research in the fields of ghost hunting (my ghost group is reforming as a research team - my ultimate dream) and Bigfoot research that I continued to do out of the circus of Bigfootery with reverence and respect to gain knowledge and share what I find for better understanding. So far as the love realm, I am content with letting that unfold over time so that I avoid past mistakes and reap the real rewards of having someone willing to be an equal partner.

BLOG:  For the blog, 2014 should prove to be a great year for me to launch lots of research I have ongoing and even more insane theories to test and knock around. Thank you so much to all the readers of this blog who find subjects here that challenge your mind and sometimes make you laugh, smile, or ponder. Let's continue the conversation on all things para-geek!

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  1. As I have suspected for some time, you have found the secret of successful blogging, you bare your soul for all to see!