Sunday, January 5, 2014

Possible UFO In Moon Photo?

(untouched pic above)

Someone shared this series of photos with me. I find them terribly interesting because they are an ongoing case of how does one debunk UFO shots? Well, you have to take a lot of things into consideration, but one thing you have going for you is when the shot was taken at nighttime and on a tripod. The steady camera and long shutter speed to allow for more light to enter the lens, are all very helpful frames of reference when looking over the shots.

This photographer was in the desert in Tucson taking shots at night of the moon (very beautiful). On consecutive shots, there was no object shown until this one shot. 

My first thought on debunking is, if it's a bug, it's closer to the lens and you would see a blur from the movement.

See this shot of me (above)? I moved while the camera was filming in a dim room with no flash. If you've ever taken a shot with lights and breathed while the shutter was open, you know what that creates - 

My second thought was a satellite. If you're in the dark countryside and see them moving overhead, you can see that they move steadily and rather quickly. That should also leave a nice little moving streak in the seconds it took for the shot to capture. 

The other thought is that it is something moving geosynchronous with the moon, at the same speed, as if in orbit, but it should have shown up in other frames.

If it was an actual object in space that captured the sun's light upon it, it still should have shown up in other shots. 

If it was moving fast towards us, it might show up in one shot and not blur. 

Lots of things to consider when looking at evidence like this, but I'd really like to leave it up to my readers to give suggestions. I want to get your skills of debunking or verifying - was this a UFO?

**as a followup, this photographer went out another evening soon after and took pictures and found nothing unusual**

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  1. I suppose that taking a photo from the Earth, then anything could be responsible for this anomoly. A fast meteorite entering the earths
    atmosphere then again maybe one
    approaching the moon itself from the dark side might account for a
    lack of previous photographic evidence.