Monday, January 13, 2014

Developing Psychic Skills

Like any other skill, developing one's psychic abilities is about practice. This isn't mystical with crystals, incense, finding a spirit guide or anything else you might assume or might have heard.

Psychic skills are about focus.

We have a mind that words in different ways; if we play a video game, drive a car, paint a painting, balance a checkbook - we use it in different ways. It's as if the very "vibratory frequency" our brain is performing at varies depending on the activity. Psychic skills use something very close to what you might achieve in meditation or in alpha state as you are falling asleep - free of clutter, nondjugmental of content, wonderfully open and receptive.

Receptivity:  I'd like you to try two things to find what that groove feels like. One is when you are falling asleep, whether it's bedtime or nap time, just feel those moments when you're about to transition to sleep and you feel all floaty, comfortable, helpless, and giving in to the next phase of brain cycle.

Another time is listening to a song you've never heard. Go on YouTube and type in a made up song title, like "I can't live without you song" and see what it gives you. Play the song and relax and let the song tell you where it's going. The first time you hear a song you don't know, your body and mind cannot anticipate, but they are receptive and contented, and this is much like the feeling when doing a psychic read; you let it lay down the images, feelings, and connections. And, you strive to find a familiar frame of reference (process of interpretation).

Receptivity also has to do with factors as unusual as geomagnetic storms and circadian rhythms. It is believed that the psychic seat in the brain is the pineal gland and this is also the gland that handles release of melatonin to bring on sleep onset and circadian rhythms, those rhythms that tell us what season it is, what time of day. Some times of day are simply better for the mind to cycle into a read.  For some psychics, a dim room is ideal to release enough melatonin to get the mind in a more mellow place. Unconsciously, this might be why psychics sometimes close their eyes during a reading; part is to take away visual distractions, but the closing off of photic receptors helps the brain to shift into that alpha state.

Body/Mind Connection:  Everyone relates to the term "I was in the groove," but how does a psychic know he/she is in the groove? Well, if we look back at "why did I know it was Aunt Betty on the phone?" we are often times confronted with a void. We can't know when we are going to do a psychic hit, so we don't know to look for the factors that might have influenced it. So instead of worrying about if your prediction is going to be a hit, let's teach you how it will feel when you have hits so if you have that feeling with your prediction - bingo! The best way to find the mind/body connection is to test your psychic skills daily, trying different times of the day to find where your ideal circadian rhythm for receptivity is.

(I am Autumnforest)

The site is a great one with lots of tests and shows you how you did odds wise and compared to other testers.  When you get a hit on one of your guesses, take note of the surety of which you chose it, whether you felt a click in your finger hitting the key and your brain relaxing or you could see it clearly in your mind or hear a prompt to choose this one! Sometimes, it's spatial, you might know the one on the far right is the right one, your you feel an itch in your finger as you move the mouse over the right one, or you can picture the image in your mind. You learn much about what directs your psychic skills; auditory, visual, spatial....

Journalling:  For a couple decades, I kept a spiral notebook. I didn't write in it often, unless I had a disaster nightmare that came true or ran into psychic info and wasn't sure why it was different that day. I kept a journal of the mood that day, the circumstances of the read, and even the geomagnetic storms. I did realize certain characteristics, such as when I had an airline disaster dream that came true, there was one common quality in all the dreams; no one saw me or spoke to me or realized I was on the plane, so I was an invisible witness. You find commonalities from journalling that key you in to how your mind works in the psychic realm.

I suggest that you regularly test daily while you are working the skills. You cannot make magical 3-point shots in basketball if you don't stand on the court and get the feel down of how much muscle use you need, what your hands need to be doing, and how it feels when it swishes in.

On Wednesday, I will discuss the three obstacles to accurate psychic reads. These are extremely relevant and when you are aware of them, you will become aware of when you are doing them. This will keep you from getting those awful reads when a psychic completely misses and the person being read blinks and gives a blank stare that says "wow, that was way off!"

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