Sunday, January 12, 2014

Am I Psychic?

I'm beginning Fledgling Psychic week here on Ghost Hunting Theories. Today, I'd like to discuss the age-old question "am I psychic?"

The question isn't relevant because everyone has psychic capabilities, but the question is; what precipitated your latent skills to show up and make you wonder, "am I psychic?"

Childhood environment:  Some found that developing them, helped them survive better or adapt better given the environment. For them, perhaps a dysfunctional home life meant understanding what kind of shit was going to go down next or what mood mom was going to be in today. We find that for those who developed skills are often the oldest or youngest in the family because the roles of these two siblings are to direct the other siblings and work as a go-between for parents and younger children or they were the baby of the family and people pleaser who did not want to rock the already pitching boat. Sometimes, even growing up in an open-minded artistic atmosphere can help a person to gather information from sources other than the analytical. If mother asked you what color a song was or what do you think this music tastes like? You might have been raised to get information in the synesthetic fashion that is active psychic sampling.

Living with the dead:  Another example of adapting one's skills is growing up in an active area, i.e. a haunted home or one that is visited often by dead relatives wishing to interact with the family. These fledglings might have lost relatives at a young age and had them visit them, in sleep or in view or voice. They also might have lived in a home with enough ghostly activity that they were honed from an early age to know when someone was present who wasn't, well, present. In my case, the psychometry component came to the forefront because I spent my childhood in a home that was over 200 years old, with antiques, and dug up relics around the property. I was touching lots of content and wanting to know more about it.

Physical trauma:  For physical reasons, some people work their skills at a young age due to near-death experience or great pain, physical trauma, multiple surgeries and rehabilitation. There are times when the chemicals that should help us to bear pain are insufficient under stress. We have to tuck into a very spiritual part of ourselves that can rename the pain as "hot" or "nibbling" or whatever it takes to get through the overwhelming distraction. Touching the other side in the instances of near death or extreme duress, seems to open a pathway. It might not be the way we usually see these things, as someone who has a connection to the other side, but more like a person who perceives the other side. Our 5 senses are limited and tapping into the other side can show a way of perceiving the other realm that no one in this plane has a context for.

Genetics and Synesthetics:    Some people believe psychics run in families and they can. I was told often about my aunt who was psychic and even saved her sister's life by knowing they were about to get in a car wreck. My grandmother from Lapland, I was told, was sensitive and prophetic. Certain brain patterns might show up in families, just like height, intelligence, and other attributes. As well, people with unusual brain connections, such as synesthesia, can be better at using their skills. Synesthesia is best described as mixed up senses. A synesthetic might see numbers in his head as colors, hear colors or smell music, or as is in my case - have time/spatial synethesia where I store info in a 3D type of grid outside my body and days of the weeks and months and all stored info is retrievable outside of me with eye positioning. This kind of unusual mix makes us actually supra-sensory. Most people have 5 senses, but synesthetics experience senses and information processing more like the soul does in the next realm - with more depth and clarity by seeing texture in sound and colors that don't usually exist to the common eye because they are backed by meaning such as numbers. I have facial amnesia. That can make it very hard for me in socializing. I never understood why I dreaded meeting people so much and why as a kid I kept losing my mom in the store and would grab the closest black purse a woman was carrying and latch on, thinking she must be my mom - she had a black purse. That "weakness" actually has helped me as a psychic because I must link a person I just met with something other than the physical because if I learn them by their voice and they don't speak, I won't recognize them, or if their hair changes or if they aren't the only person in the room with a white mustache....

Baseline Fledglings:  You had no psychics in your family, were one of several children in the middle, had no issues with health or growing up in a haunted location, didn't particularly lose any loved ones at a young age, and your brain works like the typical brain - so can you be psychic? Everyone is psychic, but some are just baseline. Baseline psychics might, in moments of some lucidity, happen upon universal information and recognize it. They might be thinking about someone and they call, have a dream about an earthquake and it happens, or feel like they need to contact someone and find out that person needed them. These are almost like "coincidence" and "freaky timing" but those lucid moments of tapping the universal knowledge seem random and they can't correlate them with anything in particular that was different than usual. It could have been hormonal, geomagnetic storms, or simply doing something with their mind that put it in a less stressed and more centered place. We are bombarded with psychic info all the time, but we only grasp it when we're in a mellow place where we might recognize it.

Examples of fledgling psychics moments of connectedness:

Visitation by a recently dead family member in a dream while sleeping.
Goosebumps before something is about to occur.
Choosing to go right instead of left when normally you go left and then you see a traffic accident was in that direction you normally went.
Thinking of a song, turning on the radio and it's playing.
Knowing who's on the phone when it rings.
Thinking about someone and then an email or text pops up from them.
Finishing someone's sentence with what they were going to say.
Dreaming about an event and then it happens.
Thinking about someone you love intensely and finding out they were in trouble right then.
Moments of deja vu and even being able to figure out what comes next if you follow the same pattern.
Bringing up a subject out of the blue with someone and that person asks why you brought that up - it was something that was relevant to them right now, such as talking about losing your grandfather and you didn't know it but their grandfather is in the hospital.
Hearing or seeing something that should not be there.

We are all psychic, but the question is how to access the psychic information. I will be discussing in tomorrow's post how to develop those parts of you.

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