Paranormal Geeks Month!

Welcome to "Paranormal Geeks" month at Ghost Hunting Theories.  Julie and I wrote the book "Paranormal Geeks" and started the radio show "Paranormal Geeks Radio" (Tuesdays 9 pm EST) to address a huge part of the population that may have never realized where they fit in at school and in social cliques. We interviewed dozens of Para-Geeks and found out how they became them, how they live the lifestyle, the types of geeks, and included in the book a quiz, tons of resources for PGs, and even addressed Halloween and the rock stars of the para-field.  

This month on Ghost Hunting theories, I will be honoring all PGs with tons of Christmas gifts for the para-geek, how to live the lifestyle, resources, how to investigate, categories of geeks you may not have known about, and lots of para-subjects you might want to dive into and add to your para-library.

If you are proud to be a geek, head over to the Paranormal Geeks Shop and find your logo and item - thousands of them are available to proudly say you are a Paranormal Geek! 


  1. Yahoo! Nice to see you are devoting a month to us Paranormal Geeks. "We outnumber the normal people".


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