Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Is Bigfoot Another Evolutionary Branch?

We have made assumptions that there are animals and there are humans: one is simple and survival-oriented and the other is intelligent and sentient.

Humans developed a sentient ability to understand self and universe, complex math computations, creation of art and music that makes us vastly different than animals. We have something "more," something "extraordinary" that sets us apart.

Animals, have the same instincts we do to survive and procreate and feelings of tenderness and anger, social order and other human-like characteristics, but because of our cognizant analytic minds, we can take on things they could never attain. To an animal, designing and driving cars might be magical.

Perhaps, though, evolution provided another being with something "greater" than what we humans have; a skill in a realm of the mind/spirit that we cannot attain. Someone who resembles us, but lives without an emphasis on creating tools, but using the mind in a very different way in the wilderness, enough to be an almost separate category.

Might this other be similar to us in many ways, but then go to a level we cannot as we do to animals? Hmmm

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