Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Atlantis - WHAT Is It ? Not WHERE Was It?

There was a time when the dimensions (worlds) were open to each other. In that time, beings came and went readily, working with the seeds that were planted here, to create many life forms with 3-dimensional bodies. Think in terms of the movie "Men in Black" and the "Edgar Suit." These physical forms in this limited-dimensional world we have, were something like this -

As an artist, you paint a 2-dimensional painting using brushes and paints. You are limited by the tools you must work with to create something beautiful, but something that is limited by the potential items you can use to make it. The beings of other dimensions were limited by materials here on this plane. They built stone structures around the world and inspired religion and art, creative thinking and technology-oriented mind set to the sentient beings they developed in this world.

Early miracles reported in religious scripture and artwork on cave walls, ancient civilizations that cropped up simultaneous with similar design and heiroglyphs occurred around the globe. Our natural logical explanation is that it's coincidence, but what if in these formative years, travel, exposure to other cultures or beings from other realms made it possible to speed up man's progress on continents?

As the creator(s)' job here was completing, the schisms between their worlds and ours closed down like the sutures on baby's skull during the first years of life. There are still fissures or doorways between these worlds and some beings, go back and forth.

One might be the Bigfoot, who were adapted to remain on this plane primarily with a hair-covered body. But, they still can access these doorways, like other beings such as shadow people and Dogman and more. Perhaps all we see of them is what we can perceive with our dimensional and sensory limitations, but they are actually possessing another depth of a dimension we do not perceive and this might explain many "odd" qualities to them and their elusiveness.

Atlantis was not a location on earth. It is a parallel world with earth. When it closed down, it was the catastrophe written about - this world became purely our dimension to us and no longer openly intermingled with the other realms and their visitors coming and going freely with their infinite wisdom.

In fact, perhaps Bigfoot remains here on this plane for the very reason of pacing, waiting, and watching. Time is coming for the fissures to close forever or open back up again, depending on man's readiness.

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