Geek Fashions

It can be as simple as a tool belt for your ghost hunting equipment or as elaborate as nightvision goggles, as daytime fun as ghost hunting tees and steampunk jewelry to new age crystals and camouflage.

Geek fashions run a wide gamut, but the places to shop for us individuals are surprising wide, from high fashion options to surplus stores. Let's have a look at how you can get your geek into your daily dressing without people thinking you're a total dweeb.

LL Bean Field Rain Coat.

Victorian Trading Company's blouse

Pyramid Collection Automaton Ring 

Army Surplus Store flyer's jacket

Cabela's hunting boots

Hot Topic skull dress 

Etsy shop ouija shoes

B & H Photo vest

Cafepress shop Gone Squatchin shirt

Cafepress shop for Paranormal Geeks hoodie 

Clockwork Couture's pocketwatch

Fashion Revival's Duster coat

Amazon has Rave finger flashlights in packs of 40 - for the whole team or students at ghost hunting classes! 


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    Your post is so unique and super. I like your "Hunting Boots". There are different types of hunting boots are available. You made a good collection. Thank you for your nice post.


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