Ancient American Magazine

I have been building up my reference library of books on all things para which I will share with you this month, but I did subscribe to a magazine that I am SOOOOO glad I subscribed to. I think I will reread it many times, going over every single detail. I have never felt my paranormal geek mind open so wide and drink in so much delicious info presented in such a professional and amazing way.

Where has this magazine been all my life?

I spent my childhood digging up relics like these on the over 200-year-old estate I grew up on that was a Civil War hospital for the North and South during the war. I got a love of it, especially all the tons of Native pieces we found. I developed a love of what the land holds in it, information wise, and hidden treasures  spent a summer looking for Braddock's Gold, and developed my love of all things paranormal in our very haunted home in Northern Virginia ("Growing Up With Ghosts").

Now that I'm deeply ensconced in research on all para-subjects, especially ancient times, ancient giants, early American history and such, that I am eating up everything I can find on it including great books like "1491" and "Stone Age in the Great Basin." But, when I discovered this magazine, I found my people!

Ancient American has articles on the most amazing subjects. In this issue, above, you see that they had "Minoan's and the Copper Trade." From that article alone, I was led to the Newberry Tablet and when I looked at the script, I recognized common Bigfoot twig symbols - an interesting influence?  When you eat scones from England, just think about how that got adapted by us and imagine if explorers from Crete came to America in search of Copper and left language that influenced future tribes of the Americas?

There were articles on stone forts of Southern Illinois, Ancient forts of the Ohio Valley, McGruer's Idolts from Upper Michigan, Lost mounds of St. Louis, Missouri, Vinland Found: Quebec, Canada, The Columbian Iron Age in America, and The First Crossing West or East?

The articles are exceedingly well researched and written, professional, with lots of photos, diagrams and charts and they are good geeks - they share the info and don't hoard it like misers with secrets. They are written by the best professionals in the field of what some deem "forbidden archaeology." In other words - what educational, governmental and religious institutions don't want us to know.

If you are interested in who came to America before Columbus and the influences and older cultures, this is the most amazing magazine. I can't believe when I was younger I wasted cash on crappy fashion magazine that told me I was fat and ugly and begged me to buy products, products, products.

This paranormal geek girl is in her heaven. Hope you subscribe too!  p.s. When Julie and I update the resources in Paranormal Geeks book, we plan to add this magazine to the resources for us geeks!