Accessing the Akashic Records

New Age look aside, the content of this is exceptional. Knowing what I know about accessing the Akashic records is spot on including multi-dimensions and matching a sort of vibration with other dimensions. She does a great job of getting these concepts across clearly.

If we think beyond time and space, the limitations of our human condition and perception, you find that all information of what has been and what will be, in this world and others, is all accessible. We see this with brilliant geniuses like Tesla or Da Vinci and savants, extremely creative artists and those with what are original and exceptional imaginations, powerful psychics and prophets, and wise old loving souls like Mother Teresa. This universal bank is accessible and sometimes through manipulated measures like taking of hallucinogens, dream state, meditation and astral projection and other times spontaneous inspiration for no clear reason or source.

When do you know you've accessed it? Those moments when you're comfy and ready to sleep, curled up and your mind floats, grasping some amazing idea that has you sitting up and searching for pen and paper. It's when you think about someone and the phone rings and they are on the other end. It happens when someone tells you their uncle has a farm in Vermont and loves to grow corn in the south pasture. Suddenly, you can imagine the layout of the land and the barn and the house and driveway. Then, you go to visit it with them and it's just how you envisioned it. Moments of deja vu are laced with Akashic knowledge because it IS something that has been done before in an alternate space.

Here is a basic description of accessing Akashic Records. Do not think in terms of books and objects that hold knowledge, consider it knowledge you have always known but were amnesic from because you had put your physical realm analytical mind in the way.  In other words, you are re-remembering what you have always known to be true.