Why Are Bigfoot Blobsquatches In Photos?

I have a dear friend with a great deal of experience with habituators and Bigfooters and several close encounters. We were talking one time about Bigfoot and he said he thought they didn't photograph well because of their hair. I asked him to elaborate and he said that perhaps their hair had a semi-translucent quality that helped them blend into the environment. He mentioned cases where Bigfoot would stop and stand still like a tree and people would look right past them and not notice. Having hairs with such a quality would also make for a blurring - the plant material around them causing speckling and unclear borders. We see a lot of blobsquatches on the Internet and have to stop and ask "where's the squatch?" and the photographer will point and say, "you don't see that?" (tapping angrily at the photo)
There are other theories in the field that there are Blobsquatches because there is an EMF field around Bigfoot that can cause issues with trying to capture one clearly with electronics. As I have seen cheap alarm clocks putting out super high EMF and I can photograph them clearly, I might want to dismiss that one. The exception might be if Bigfoot did possess some way to alter energy around him and that made him able to be vague to viewers and photographers, like the dancing mirage of heat rising off the asphalt. I doubt he messes with the camera because everything else in the picture is clear.
Looking at these pics above, it's not hard to imagine how hard it would be to capture these guys on film if they were trying to hide from you, a few dozen yards away - see how invisible and vague they are close up? If you scanned your eyes over the forest, would you even see that green guy at the top? You'd assume he was limbs and keep looking.  
Is there any better commando in the woods than Bigfoot? If you get blobsquatches of him, it's most likely that he's hiding behind things, trying to blend in, and always a safe distance from you. The photos are only as good as the eyes and most folks who see one, don't have the presence of mind to lift a camera and get a shot off before he blends right back in.  I tested a friend in the field and had him walk into the woods. He was about 12 feet in before I had no clue where he was. When he moved and I saw him I could not get him on a photograph clearly enough to see it was a person.
If you've ever seen the movie, "Red Dawn," imagine even better trained commandos of the woods.

Do you see the Bigfoot above?

Keep studying it.

Shadows and light - where is it?

It's not there. But, had there been a Sasquatch in this photo, his details would be utterly lost in that mass. He will not come out and pose for you. He does what he does best - hiding in the shadows, blending into the surroundings, hoping you don't notice a shape or a movement, and knows you can't see the details.

I guess the question isn't, "how are their blobsquatches?" but "how could there not be blobsquatches?"