Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Is Bigfoot? No, WHO Is Bigfoot?

We get sidetracked a lot discussing the origins of Bigfoot. Is he Nephilim? Is he alien? Is he in our imaginations? Is he primate? Is he man? Is he Neanderthal? Is he ancient giant?  Is he interdimensional? Around and around we go, missing the really key point - not "what" is Bigfoot but "who" is Bigfoot?

Except for a few stubborn people with agendas or egos that don't want to say they're wrong, most people are on-board with the concept that Bigfoot is in the human family, not a primate. His ability to outsmart and elude us, his dexterity and bipedal nature, the shape of him, the craftiness - it all points to someone from the human tree. But, whether he is "primitive" or "feral" tends to be the focus of our attention.

Perhaps we need to start asking who Bigfoot is. We can know a lot about a person by how they live.

When I was a kid, there was a woman in the neighborhood no one had ever seen. We knew she existed, we saw her at her window from time to time, but she never came outside, never ventured into the yard or stopped and stared out at the neighborhood from her picture window. She was elusive and that created many stories; that she was scarred and misshapen, was a victim of some awful trauma, was a psychopath that hated people, was being held captive by the man who lived there....

It came to be known years later by one of her relatives, that she was agoraphobic. She simply was afraid to leave the home and had serious anxiety issues. No exciting dramatic reason, simply the natural desire to avoid upsetting situations. 

When a Bigfoot decides to remain elusive, to spend his time and attention on not being where the hairless humans are, he's essentially saying "this is a huge priority and focus of my existence."

But, what do we hairless ones do? We go pushing and shoving into their retreat and try to make them come forward. It would be like me knocking on that lady's door and ringing her bell and yelling for her to come outside.

One of the most beings on the earth, Bigfoot, for all his size and power, not only does not want to face you, he leaves tiny hints of his presence that are not grandiose and impressive, but piles of flowers, twig shapes, rock stacks - hoping that you might notice it like an adolescent boy trying to get a girl to notice him by nudging the back of her classroom chair.

We can assume some things pretty clearly by the way Bigfoot lives. He chooses a simple life interacting with the environment, living from the land, imitating the bird and animal sounds, keeping a watch, knowing how to move stealthily and even raising families without being detected. He also leaves behind small samples of desire to test and interact with us hairless ones, at least the perceptive ones. He is not aggressive. He does not wish to have to hurt us or confront us. His agenda is to survive as undetected as possible and, upon occasion, nudge the hairless ones to see if any are of value to interact with.

In their own way, they are a timeless ageless reminder of our origins and apparently judging us to be unworthy, not the other way around.


  1. You've got your own Bigfoot portrait. Awesome!

  2. It was done by Thomas Finley, the most amazing cryptid artist. I just love it.