The Secrets of Bigfoot Month

It's time to discuss some aspects of Bigfoot that practical and logical investigators try to avoid - the very unusual and illogical characteristics of Bigfoot that for some might fall into the realm of paranormal.  I am going to have some extraordinary information and discussions about Bigfoot and his cagey elusive qualities and the natural world in general as well as ancient knowledge and portals. 

There will be a lot of balking about such notions, but people need to remember we're not talking about magic, we're talking the capabilities of our physical world. In our physical world, an atom splitting can cause huge devastation, so imagine all the subtle shifts in the elements to create the extraordinary. If you wonder about magic and science - just look at Galloping Gertie Bridge -

Expect book and movie/DVD reviews so your BF collection can be complete. I might take you to realms you aren't ready for, but I suspect that researchers will hear things that have been nagging them for some time and perhaps we should all just come out and discuss the secrets of Bigfoot.