Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Alpha Sentinel Male: Honor His Space

You are walking in the woods and stop and notice some strangely "not random" looking X-shaped twig patterns on the ground and standing upright. You look around, see another one and follow it. Pretty soon, you've gotten off the path with your distraction and found a tree break that looks curious and fresh. You hear the first thunk of a rock hitting the ground nearby. You see it bouncing and coming to a stop on the hillside. You look around, certain someone is messing with you when another one whizzes past your ear.

You turn and rush away, certain someone is messing with you. But, who? You didn't see anyone and you don't know of any creature that can throw rocks.

Large x's formed with limbs, tree breaks - signs that you might be getting into a territory that is not going to welcome you.

The alpha sentinel male must be an assertive and defensive, sometimes offensive guardian of space, perhaps used by the family that needs protection or the clan in general. He sits post and makes sure no one is going to encroach on a private area.

There is no reason to feel a threat from such a sentinel. They are certainly big enough to take us down with one swing, yet they would rather do anything to scare us off and we are certainly good at taking the bait. They are excellent mimickers so even sounding a threatening animal is enough to make most "hairless" ones rush away.  So far as the use of infrasound, this could be both used for communicating distances and passively nudging us to leave.  There are reports of people who have been blasted by infrasound to be walking around in confused state, not remembering where they were going, having nausea, headaches, uneasy feelings, vivid visions, and weird nightmares that evening. This also furthers the "mystical" rumors about Bigfoot, but the effects on our body are not magical and I explained them in a recent prior post about Bigfoot, the Pineal Gland and Infrasound.

There is no need to push on the boundaries of BF's family.  It is understandable they are protective and yet they are not aggressive which says a lot about their character.  They really do check us to see how cognizant we are. They also let us know ahead of time we're reaching deeper territory. A fresh tree break is something to be considerate of.

This technique works well for them and seems to keep us from entering their resting place or where they are raising children. It behooves us to respect their natural concerns about people who rush about the woods lighting fires and shooting guns.

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