Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spiritual Power Center In Your Home

Sometimes, in the field of paranormal investigation, you run into a repeated theme. For me, that theme is, "...we had a priest bless it, we had a wiccan do a ceremony, we had a psychic do a seance...and the ghosts are still acting up!"

It's unfortunate that I am often called to pick up the pieces after a negligent and even harmful "team" comes in and tells someone, without even investigating, that their home has evil in it, has bad intentions towards them, and they must do this - or - that to make it go away.

If a client is of the Jewish faith and someone calls in a priest and holy water, no wonder this has not helped the situation. We tend to think of banishing as religion versus souls, but it's really soul versus soul: The soul of the person living in the home versus the soul of the deceased. 

You must use methods that sing to the belief system of the occupant who is a soul inhabiting physical form in that residence. You are fortifying that person in a way that, after the ceremony, they will still carry on the strength in that belief.

Sometimes, a client is vague about what their beliefs are and are hoping someone else who comes in can throw their strong faith at it and scare things away.  That's not how it works. That person and all the belief go out the door when they leave the client's home.

I am a big proponent of doing what I call, "building a power center" in one's home.  This is a combination of a shrine of items of meaning and feng shui principles of attracting good energy.

A power center ideally is developed over time. I usually choose a spot in the home where it is often seen, like a main living area, on a small table or bookcase. I hang a mirror facing it on the other wall to help bounce the energy back and forth in the main living space, empowering it constantly with the items in the power center.

Note:  I don't suggest you nap there or even sit in chair in that pathway from mirror to power center, unless you are trying to do homework or brain work because it can be stimulating.

Here's what spiritual energy is like - it is an energy for the soul and our body, as well.  Energy is neutral until it takes on the person, then it becomes anxious, excited, angry, or depressed depending on the inner world of the person's thoughts and interpretations.

To one person, a tickling belly could mean a fantastic Christmas morning is about to be had, and to another that feeling is like the boss calling them into the office for a performance discussion.  Both received energy, both translated it to beneficial or harmful by the power of thoughts and beliefs.

When dealing with clients in the paranormal investigation field, "energy" is not some new age concept. It is a fact that results in emotions, physical reactions, and sometimes manifestations of the unexplained. Yes, it is that powerful. 

A power center is a place you develop over time and it can have any variety of items on it, but your soul will tell you what is right:  Represent your loves, your influences, your family, your beliefs, symbols of importance, photos, trinkets, jewelry, heirlooms, stones, books, poems, Bibles, shells, pine cones, plants, art, idols, and anything else that when you hold it or look at it, you feel connected to a higher power that created all these things of beauty, love, and faith. When you look upon it, you should feel that all your essence is represented.  You may add candles, incense, bells, whatever you want to create a sort of ceremonial thing when you need an extra boost of confidence.

Power Pack: You may also leave a stone or piece of jewelry there that will be your portable power pack. You take it with you when you leave home, bring it back and place it on the power center to rejuvenate it.

How does this help clients with haunting issues?

A priest comes in, douses holy water says prayers, and leaves. If the client was not spiritually moved by the ceremony, it is of no use. Any haunting entities also depend on the people who live within the dwelling, not prayers from a bible to scare them away.  Unless that belief and that spiritual power remains in the resident's soul, it will be of little use. 

A power center is a way to have a constant source to renew your soul, you resolve, remember who you are, what you've been through, your origins, what sings to your spirit and to have a constant source that represents you and your soul there to make the environment as uncomfortable as possible for any entity that sees you wavering, unsure, weak, or otherwise ill-defined.

It's like this; you go house shopping and you walk into someone's home and it's filled with their "stuff," their smells, their taste in things, their sentimental items, and you feel yourself tucking in, not wanting to touch anything, not picturing yourself living there, not feeling at home. This is the sort of result you want from a power center. It must say "this is (fill in your name)'s home."

When you walk by it, touch it, rearrange things until it feels just right, maybe light candle, ring a bell, read a prayer, or look at the photos of your loved ones there and the statue of Jesus or the shells and rocks from when you go hiking on the beach and in the woods, you have just renewed your soul, your resolve, and your power to know who you are, that this is your place, that you are backed by all the symbols in that power center, and you have well and truly moved in, not just with your belongings, but with the unlimited radiant power of your soul.

Now, a ceremony can come and go, but ultimately the only thing that will fortify your soul to stay grounded will be the ongoing spiritual energy from your power center.

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