Review: Lost Race of the Giants

Just got done reading Lost Race of the Giants by Patrick Chouinard.

I cannot get enough of books about ancient giants. This was given to me by a friend who knew my obsession. I finally got a day off and tore through it with interest. ABIT - new term I hadn't heard before "advanced being intervention theory." In the past, interdimensional travel, aliens and interventions all sounded ridiculous but the deeper I get into these studies, the more that my mind opens about such concepts. We think of it as sci-fi, but I think it's the way the universe has always been but we are very limited in our physical forms with our sad 5 senses to understand how it works and that it is as natural as this world we stumble around in for 70, 80, 90 years or so.

This was wonderfully organized and logical, easy to read, and fascinating. I have read a lot of giants books, but this one had a whole new avenue of information and concepts, theories and hypotheses that kept me riveted. He covers the mythology and then the possible race of giants being builders and engineers. He covers giants from around the world and ancient versions of man, even the race of giants before the flood. Lastly, he talks about Atlantis.

This was an open-minded and refreshing take on a popular subject. It is getting a coveted space on my bookshelf.


  1. I read have several books and old news articles about giant skeletons within hills, mines, caverns, etc during the 1800s. What I find interesting is those remains and artifacts discovered are missing, misplaced or disappeared.


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