Saturday, November 16, 2013

Review: "Certain Mounds and Village Sites In Ohio"

"Certain Mounds and Village Sites In Ohio: Excavations of the Adena Mound; Explorations of the  Gartner Mound and Village Site: Explorations of the Baum Prehistoric Village Site: Explorations of the Edwin Harness Mound" by William Corless Mills.

Originally published in 1923, this book has amazing documentation and information that could have been lost to time. Thankfully, it has been reproduced again.

This book is an amazing resource! There are diagrams of these mounds in Ohio, the positioning of bodies and items, vivid descriptions and pictures and sketches of items found, orientation, materials, and more. It is a rich resource of documenting digs.  As well, it contains some of the surprising finds, like these ancient people had domesticated dogs and intricate tools made from animal bones.

This book is appealing to anyone who is interested in archaeology and anthropology, especially as it pertains to Ancient America and those who appreciate reading information written closer to the time of discovery with a thorough accurate account. This is a great reference book for anyone who is interested in the burial mounds of Ohio. A definite must-have.

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