No Longer Chasing Bigfoot?

It dawned on me, as I tried once again to explain why I'm chasing after an unproven human tribe in America (and my son's eyes rolled at the ridiculousness of which an adult woman would be obsessed about something almost with religious fervor), that I might be truly up against a wall.

It's not just that many very "practical" people absolutely disprove Bigfoot's existence, but if I had not seen one, spent numerous hours pouring over evidence, I would think "how could they possibly stay hidden in America today? One of them would have had to walked onto a roadway and been hit or found on a pathway dying of old age complications?"

I reminded him that he himself had seen a shadow person before and had no answer for what it was and had even tried out for Ghost Hunters Academy's first season. He wanted to know what he'd run into with his best friend in that graveyard. I told him I'm the same. I wish to know what I had seen years ago and to perhaps have another encounter to get a better understanding of it.

Then, something clicked inside of me; why was I chasing after something that didn't want to be found, that had earned its privacy, and why would I want to be part of the very group who was harassing and making it harder to survive? If they don't need us, why do we insist on interaction? Yes, I am curious about them, but I'm also curious about my neighbor who daily goes out into the common lawn and pours a coffee cup of water onto a single plant. Still, I allow him his private ceremony.

Now, there's a parting thought for Secrets of Bigfoot month!

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