Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite Bigfoot Movies

What? I'm only allowed to pack 5 Bigfoot-themed movies to take with me to a desert island?  Sigh....Okay, okay - here goes - 

Harry and the Hendersons:  Funny, lovable, well acted, and an utter classic.  It has plenty of funny and also moments of utter truth that even today - decades later, ring true. Perhaps the best Bigfoot makeup ever done.

Snowbeast:  A 1970s made-for-tv with big-star names. It scared the crap out of me as a kid and it has its moments. I enjoy seeing the old popular 70s stars like Bo Svenson and the snowy atmosphere.  This 1/2 for the setting, 1/4 for the 70s nostalgia, and 1/4 for the scenes that scared me when I was younger.

Creature From Black Lake:  It's campy and dorky and very 70s, but it has some thrills when they record the screams at night and at the end when they camp out in the middle of nowhere.

Letters From the Big Man:  This is my all-time favorite. Beautifully done, considerate, mysterious, contemplative, and very thoughtful. This is perhaps the best portrayal and most realistic I have seen in a movie. Most movies want to turn BF's into big King Kong killers. I wish we had more movies like this.

Mysterious Monsters:  1970s documentary. I like it because it covered a lot of different aspects and witnesses you don't hear about on all the documentaries these days. 

Ironically, many of the Bigfoot movies came out in the 70s, so retro and Bigfoot go hand in hand. I recently did a post on 1970s Bigfoot movies and the list was extensive. But, having developed an interest in our shy neighbors in the 1970s as a kid, 3 of that era's movies had to be on my must-have list.

Here's a few honorable mentions--

Tenure:  A goofy movie that has nothing to do with Bigfoot, but Bigfoot keeps showing up. A college professor wants to earn tenure and his friend, another professor, is a Bigfoot hunter. It makes for some delightful moments.

The Legend of Boggy Creek 2:  This one picks up in a fictional storyline of a professor and his students setting up camp in the bogs to try and find the creature. It's campy, ridiculous, and at times, a bit thrilling. MST3000 did a wonderful commentary on it - another fav! 

A&E Ancient Mysteries Bigfoot:  Not a bad documentary and pretty typical of the genre. 

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