Thursday, November 7, 2013

Habituators and Haunted Houses

Having grown up in an active and classically haunted home and now being an investigator, I can tell you one thing for certain - ghosts do not appear on-call. A team can go into a home, set up, sit all night long and get no interactions or evidence and yet the house could be seriously active.

I have come to realize that those who live with the phenomena, interact with it in all sorts of ways, actually instigating it, alleviating it, and exacerbating it. Their constant presence is a part of the chemistry that occurs in a habitat. So, anyone coming in to do a study is not going to have the kind of time-earned trust that occurs when a person lives in the site and he will also upset the symbiotic give-and-take.

The same goes for habituators with Bigfoot. A team can go in for a weekend and try to find Bigfoot, but Bigfoot is more discerning than that. Anyone who shares their property with Bigfoot will tell you that you have to earn their trust before they even let you get a glimpse.

True encounters with ghostly phenomena and with Bigfoot occur more often in situations where one is in their environment all the time, have been observed, have piqued curiosity, incited upset, or caused a feeling of concern and protection. It doesn't happen when strangers and equipment plunge into their domain and insist they knock on walls or trees.

With this perspective in mind, let's accept that we are very unlikely to accrue evidence in a weekend or in a night. It must be long-term and on site.

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  1. "ghosts do not appear on-call" ... It depends on your interpretation of the word appear. Just because you don't sense them or communicate with them doesn't mean that they are not there. I suppose any paranormal research boils down to a simple question --- why are you doing it? If it's for entertainment purposes, I would want to be your monkey either.