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Bigfoot, Infrasound, Pineal Gland, and Ancient Knowledge

 Pineal Gland

A pine cone-shaped, pea-sized gland made of calcium carbonate within the brain - deep behind the root of the nose and floating in cerebrospinal fluid. It is often referred to as the "human antenna" or "third eye." The gland has many known purposes and some rather vague ones. It produces melatonin, the hormone that allows you to sleep - and it is stimulated by darkness.  The gland is our master clock that regulates our circadian rhythms.  The gland is our internal compass, our keeper of seasonal shifts and time. And some say it is the seat of our soul.

Researcher Serena Roney-Dougal has gathered together some of the most compelling research into the biological means by which the geomagnetic flux of the earth might cause the pineal gland to allow us to  psychically ‘tune in.'

It is believed, as well, that a bit of magnetite within the gland gives us our internal compass and could be incited to move about during a blast of infrasound (sound below our human audible hearing, but felt viscerally by our bodies), and stimulate that gland. (more on that below)

The gland also has the capability of releasing hallucinogenic type chemicals. It regulates serotonin which helps us to regulate mood and it also promotes chemicals that allow us dream and go into paralysis so we don't act out those dreams.  It helps us to shift hormones for the different phases of dream sleep. In fact, this might also explain why my fantastic encounters with "greys" occurred in my room during sleep phases. A shift in sleep state could activate the ability to "hallucinate" (as we do in dreams) athough that would not explain the similar appearance of these beings with each encounter throughout cultures. It might be explained by us being able to see a realm we don't see normally - a portal to another world of sorts and its people whose brains are evolved to be able to see our realm even if we can't see theirs in waking hours.

Because it can be affected by geomagnetic changes, the pineal gland can give you vivid dreams on nights of geomagnetic storms caused by solar flares. It's believed it can also help to activate psychic activity and interestingly, 100% of my active ghost hunting cases occurred on nights of strong geomagnetic storms. So, are our perceptions of ghosts part of the side effects of the gland or, more interestingly, was the gland put there so that we would have a communication vehicle with higher power, otherwordlly beings?

Anyone who has practiced astral projection and those who have had NDEs, will tell you there is a vibrational feeling just before departure. From there, we are able to perceive higher dimensions - ones our normal everyday 5 senses do not pick up.

Infrasound and the Pineal Gland

Now, let's move from talking about the pineal gland to something more terrestrial - Bigfoot. I've listened to lots of infrasound calls ("blasts") from the forest and when most people either vomit, feel queasy, get confused, or have headaches, I get vivid technicolor visions - the ones I get on nights of dreaming during geomagnetic storms. It was because of this unusual reaction that was very much like the most powerful psychic visions, that I realized the pineal gland was being affected by this frequency.

I've discussed before on here the subject of infrasound and Bigfoot. I have zero doubt they do use it. I've not only experienced it numerous times, but given their very size, it's entirely feasible. Even a human being makes infrasound - a man with exceptionally long vocal chords. 

What might Bigfoot be able to do if they directed the use of infrasound?  Stop you in your tracks?  Confuse you or make you get lost? Make you forget the entire encounter? Make you see something other than what is there? Make you drowsy or weak, even paralyzed? Make you smell, see and hear things that aren't there? Give you dream-like images? Make you fall asleep? Make you physically uncomfortable? Give you deja vu? Stimulate visions to show you something? Send you visual and auditory messages in your mind? Make you choose one path over another, and perhaps even more we haven't considered?

Pineal Gland: The Matrix Gateway?

If infrasound vibrated the cerebrospinal fluid around the pineal gland and caused the magnetite within to move, then it would stimulate the gland to do all kinds of primitive and latent things. Want to talk about living in the matrix -- what if this gland makes it possible for us to have a reality, but only a contained reality? The entire reality is not allowed to be viewed by us until we move from this physical form to the next reality. People with near-death experiences describe the other side as "the real world" and this as "the fake world." Is that the perception when one steps out of the limited world of 5 senses we live in? Why is that knowledge being kept from us now? Why not let us access all that gland could show us? Perhaps because in our physical form we could not engage with the universe - being limited by our 3D form and the confines of our physical reality of objects being "solid." In fact, this is why we are paralyzed as we sleep - so we don't act out our dreams and get hurt.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Ancient Knowledge

Want to go a bit further? Pineal gland is made of calcium carbonate, another critical element in the workings of the brain is lithium salts. When looking up how they make orange-red lights for fireworks -- the same color light associated with alien encounters - it's (drum roll) calcium and lithium.  How about Coral Castle in Florida? A tiny slight man builds an amazing monument out of coral stone and no one knows how he did it.

Are there forces ancients knew that utilized the elements of earth's geomagnetism and elements such as salt and calcium, metals and such to create all kinds of reactions under the right conditions? If you can control the human with the calcium in the brain, can you control the earth as well and its reactions? What key did the ancients know about this to build the monuments they were capable of?

Bigfoot Evolution

I've talked a few times about Bigfoot and his size and hairiness being a reflection of possible evolutionary changes in the size of his pituitary gland and its function, releasing hormones that make him taller and more hairy, but what if he had no pineal gland or perhaps one that did not put out melatonin? Would this make him not have the desire to sleep? What if that was combined with night vision? We know that human eyes let in light and when they perceive dark, the pineal gland starts putting out melatonin to make us tired. So, if Bigfoot had night vision, would he not be flooded with melatonin and then be considered a human who is nocturnal? Reports of eye shine in the dark and Bigfoot reacting to bright lights as if in pain, makes sense.

We have spent time in the field explaining how hominins are not nocturnal, but we haven't been talking much about how it was possible for a cousin to develop different parts of his brain to have completely new physical and mental skills. What we're looking at with Bigfoot is a potential human who can put out infrasound - and perhaps know its effects on others, who could potentially be evolved naturally to be tall and hairy based on hormones put out by the pituitary system, have reasonable caloric needs controlled by an efficient endocrine system so that he is not a slave to eating constantly to stay alive, have a strong immune system, and night vision without the need to get sleep at night. We've also discussed how that infrasound could manipulate us and cause us trouble, as well as how our mysterious pineal gland might be our vision into the other realm and psychic skills.


Our pineal gland, is the seat of our sense of psychic skills, interactions with other realms, dreams, sleep, circadian rhythms, seasons, internal clock, and perhaps the very tool that potential "creators" can use to make us forget, be frozen, have hallucinations of interactions with the "gods," and many other possible things that can control our perception of this 3D realm we dink around in.

I guess, that would have to make the pineal gland the "God remote control." 

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