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Bigfoot Energy

Even though it hasn't been proven yet that there is a correlation between Bigfoot and Earth Lights/Spook Lights in the woods, it brings to our attention something often spoken of about the Tall Ones, that they are psychic, can use infrasound, mind control, and appear and disappear through a portal.

All of these extraordinary claims do make us wonder; just what is Bigfoot's energy and how does it work? 

The spook lights in the woods look to some like a lantern light, to others like a round orb of contained light. If chased, it tends to disappear, move on, or lead people deeper into the woods. Some say the light will try to engage with them and seems to be intelligent and interactive. Others report Bigfoot controls the lights.  This is supposition, but we cannot deny that the same woods people go seeking Bigfoot in, they also run into these lights - frequently.

Is it an incidental finding that Bigfoot and spook lights seem to share the same woodlands? We find mushrooms and ferns in the woods, but that hardly means the mushrooms need the ferns, but that they need the same dark, wet conditions to flourish.

Is such a symbiotic relationship occurring with Bigfoot and earth lights? Do they seek the same conditions that create these lights? Could it be some sort of geomagnetic condition that Bigfoot seeks? And, why would he need those conditions unless there is something about that earth energy that is necessary or preferable to his condition?  If he creates the lights somehow, how is that? We don't know of any apparent technology laying around in the woods, being stumbled up by hunters and hikers. So, it Bigfoot were able to generate these lights, why? They don't seem to have purpose or direction. It would seem that, doing something that creates a light only brings more attention to him like having a campfire.

There is another possibility in which Bigfoot would create a light - as a side effect.

The question for some is whether he creates balls of light or balls of lights are the result of him slipping between realms. We have no proof of these theories, but it's entirely possible that (should such a thing be possible as going back and forth between realms), light could be a side effect from our side - something visual that shows a process that is perhaps electrically based, like lightning. The problem with this, though, is that these lights are often seen for very long periods of time. A burst of energy would make a flash of light that would be gone when the process was over.

Reported in the woods are also metallic sounds, either something like a bell being hit, a resonating knock against metal or the irritating tone of metal grating. Lights and sounds -- both could be indicators of some very high energy process, like lightning and resulting thunder.  This might all be earth-related but some will connect them together and say that Bigfoot is creating such bursts of energy by his very transitory nature. Yet, we don't hear any reports of the metallic sounds and the balls of light occurring simultaneously.  Once again, the metallic sounds could be incidental - another earthly explanation that happens to occur in the same woods as the Tall Ones.

So far as infrasound is concerned, I find that to be a completely feasible theory. There is a human who has the ability to make infrasound with his unusually long vocal chords. In a being as tall as Bigfoot, it's quite possible the vocal chords are more than adequate to make such a sound. The reactions people have to infrasound are quite unsettling. For some, it causes headaches or feelings of being watched, nausea or disorientation. For me, it gives me vivid images in my head and a sense of being watched intensely. Here's an example of what infrasound can do to water - imagine what it does to the body and the brain?

Can Bigfoot control your mind? Highly doubtful or we'd all be screwed. I'm quite certain he would have had a field day with Matt Moneymaker and his fireworks and mannequin shenanigans. More likely, devices like manipulation of sound energy in the form of infrasound could make us uncomfortable and wish to leave, but manipulating the hairless ones (us) is not in evidence. We come and go freely in the woods without ill effect. The fact that infrasound may upset us could be lost on them. With their body mass, it's possible that infrasound is easy to make and easy to detect, but not uncomfortable. They may not even be aware using it is grating to us, like having a neighbor listen to a radio too loud.

What about his physical energy? Bigfoot must be rather robust to live in an environment with snow, heat, yellow fever, West Nile Virus, rabies, tetanus and tons of water born illnesses and more. Yet, we don't seem to see sickly or weak Bigfoots lying around on the forest floor coughing up a lung. Why are they so powerful immunity-wise?

Well, we get an extra boost to our immune system from Neanderthal ancestors. If Neanderthals gave us modern hairless ones (us) a robust immune system, might Bigfoot have an exceptional system if he were, perhaps, 100% Neanderthal? Could the Neanderthals of the past simply adapted by growing tall and hairy for whatever conditions created that adaptation? (Neanderthal - powerful build, pronounced brow ridge, red hair, strong immune system)

(Above-  Neanderthal and if you add hair to Neanderthal -)

For the "gigantism" condition to occur for Neanderthal to become today's Bigfoot and his relatives, Yowie and the like, there are no global reasons for height and heavy body hair (given that modern humans did not adapt these characteristics in the same climate/conditions), but if they were to contain some development in the pituitary gland, hair growth and height would be affected. We believe Neanderthal to be average height and stocky, very powerfully built, but what if evolved to keep hairiness and to be taller because of a variation in his endocrine system from ours? We know he gave us much of our immune system attributes. Perhaps other glands in his body were different than modern man. The next question would be, if Bigfoot is a descendent of Neanderthal, would that mean that he has a different lymphatic and endocrine system and possibly, just possibly, a different pineal gland or temporal lobes and more psychic ability than we would possess, those of us who are only perhaps a few percent Neanderthal DNA?  And, as I will discuss below, could our psychic abilities come from our Neanderthal heritage?

An interesting tidbit to consider: any two chimps have as much variation in their DNA from one another as Neanderthal from modern man.  And they definitely mated and made offspring, as many of us have their DNA.


People who witness Bigfoot frequently also tend to have a higher incidence of running into other paranormal events like UFOs, psychic skills, near-death experiences, or seeing ghosts and the like. What is the significance of that? People who are more sensitive might have a commonality that jives for Bigfoot. Some possibilities are that Bigfoot is seen by people who are more receptive and perceptive at knowing where and when to look. In other words, they are sensitives. And if they are sensitives, does Bigfoot know this? Is this why they seek out certain people? Might the factor for our being psychic, that we possess some Neanderthal DNA?  And, might the people who have more contact with Bigfoot and other phenomena be this way because of the percentage of Neanderthal they possess? Could we predict who is a psychic or apt to run into the paranormal by who has Neanderthal DNA? Hmmm...

If we believe Bigfoot to be of the homo genus, then we must also accept that if we have psychics, they have psychics. Would their psychics beat our psychics? My guess is, yes. They don't have the kinds of distractions we have in our lives. When do you really need to tap psychic knowledge in everyday life? But, if you lived to remain secret, wouldn't developing a sense of impending danger, someone disrupting the forest, or a person's intentions upon you, be a significant skill? When you sit in a restaurant and feel someone staring at you and turn and behind you someone is staring at you, you felt their intentions upon you. There is no doubt, Bigfoot would have this in spades. Hence, if we go into the forest looking for him, our minds upon him, we don't run into him, but if we are hiking along considering our lunch, we suddenly come across one.  Psychic energy is a powerful thing. It's strong enough to contain itself in objects for psychics to read just by touching them. In some survival training courses, they even teach trackers how to track by using psychic skills, walking the path someone else walked and feeling their emotions. It's powerful stuff. 

So, we talked about their relationship with lights and infrasound, as well as possibly psychic skills.  Here's something to consider about Bigfoot's mental capabilities.  They have an amazing ability to remain hidden even as our population grows and resources are pared back. This would show a great deal of agility physically and mentally to stay a step ahead and adapt to surroundings and understand threats. So, brain energy and physical energy are not issues for these survivors.

On the subject of energy, I often am found in a position where I need to explain to folks about energy and how it works in the psychic realm. Here's how I explain it.

Energy is like this -
If you fight against a current in a river, you exhaust yourself and you get nowhere.
If you float, you ride it with no effort and it carries you.
Energy is not good or bad. It is simply the force that runs our world and makes it animated.
It's how we use that energy that proves efficiency or lack thereof.

A lot of us in the field talk about ancient knowledge and some think it's magic or hocus pocus, but what if we are utilizing energy around us from the earth, or minds, our bodies, inefficiently? Then it's sort of like trying to diet while sitting on the sofa. Did the ancients know some basic rules about energy we are missing? Well, some time look up "Coral Castle" in Florida and let me know what you think.

Another thing about energy is that it is neutral until it enters you and then the milieu in which it enters, affects it. So, if you take in the energy that is in your environment, in the people around you, even the angry negative people, you must have a situation within you that is positive so that you can make that a healthy energy.

Energy is neutral until we apply our own subjectivity to it.

Psychics report often that certain negative people and places bring them down, but they need to take that energy and reform it within, not take it as it is and continue to nurture it with dark thoughts and negative attitude. So, if you have a healthy attitude, all energy supports that and energizes you.

If you are healing a person, you do not take in the patient's sickness, you give them your vigor. Won't that drain you? No, it won't. The truth about energy is that we live into old age having made more and more energy whenever needed; energy is a wellspring, not a bucket with limited capacity.

A great example of transfer of energy is that from the grief and overwhelming anguish of losing his son to an evil murderer, John Walsh took that energy and created America's Most Wanted and was responsible for instigating the capture of some of the worst criminals imaginable.

How might Bigfoot use his energy? Well, if he has the knowledge of the ancients, our technology is ridiculously unnecessary to him, he has something much more valuable to his way of seeing it and we are the ones who are crude and undeveloped.

It also goes without saying that Bigfoot has enormous energy to be able to live in the conditions they do and stay a step ahead of us, feed their bodies the right amount of calories, find others to mate with and keep a robust health. But, he must also have a higher purpose. How can we know that? Because if he were an animal, he would get caught rummaging through trash cans and scratching at doors for food. Instead, his main directive is an intelligent and guided one - to avoid us at all costs and not be caught. There is some overwhelming reason they do not want to be assimilated, do not want to deal with us, either distrust or find us not worth their time. That amazing amount of generational teaching and training to remain cryptid shows a higher purpose that is passed on from father and mother to children over and over again for millennium. A great deal of cognitive energy is at work.

That alone is an amazing testament to their energy.

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