Saturday, November 9, 2013

Alien Date With Destiny?

For those who follow me on here, you might have read prior posts about my alien grey encounters. 
I'm not the type to believe in little grey men from other planets, UFOs being interplanetary or people being abducted, and yet I have 3 encounters (that I recall) with greys.
The last one was just days ago.
And, it was the final visit, I do believe.

I was told at the first one, I was given gifts that make me unusual and unique and that I would have my trials in my lifetime but come to a mission at some point.  I took this to mean the way my mind works and puts things together, my psychic abilities, my spatial giftedness and spatial synesthesia, and my facial amnesia. They do make me a bit "odd," or as I have come to call them, "paranormal geek" traits (hence the title of my book).

The second time, I was informed that my mission time had arrived.
The next day, I was pulled into a Bigfoot research group.
And began utilizing a lot of my skills like Ralph Maccio in "Karate Kid."

And, just days ago, the original "father" one arrived.
I asked him in my mind "what is the mission???"
His reply in my mind was, "you are going to show the world the schism between the worlds, the doorway. You will open and close it at will for them to see."
For a woman who has trouble finding restaurants on UrbanSpoon with a virtual map, I'm rather astonished at that one.
Perhaps he wasn't using his GPS correctly and he meant a girl down the way from me?

Don't miss tomorrow's post on the blog - it will be one of my most favorites of all times and the information from within came to me during an infrasound call blasting. 

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