Victoria Era Creepy Photographs

Victorian era went nuts with the new technology of photography and especially special effects. For some macabre reason, they enjoyed documenting medical "freaks," costumed people in weird situations, postmortem pictures of their dead, a weird fad of headless photos and supposed ghost pics.


  1. Weird!! - Thanks for posting - a great post. You really see how different their sensibilities were. I wonder if 100 yrs from now, people will look at our obsession with photoshop in a similar way.

  2. The 9th photo down is SICK!
    Im going to be looking for a better resolution of that photo. Incredible!

  3. You probably already know this but the picture with the baby held by someone with a sheet over their face and body is how they were able to keep little ones still for a picture lol they somehow thought a sheet over mom would look fine heh. Not so much!


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