Tonight on Paranormal Geeks Radio!

Tonight's Paranormal Geeks Radio show will be a fun one!  Our guest is Jodi Foster, author of the chilling book, "Forgotten Burial: A Cry For Justice From Beyond the Grave."
When Jodi Foster returned to her California hometown with her young daughter, she never could have imagined the terror and confusion she experienced in the nights that followed. On top of her terrifyingly real nightmares of abduction and murder, Jodi witnessed lights flashing on and off, clocks going haywire, and her daughter's doll repeatedly screaming, "I feel great!"
Forgotten Burial tells Jodi's true paranormal story unraveling the mystery behind the unsolved case of a missing young woman, Madeline Isabella Johnson. After moving into Madeline's last known residence, Jodi and her daughter reveal clues about what happened to the disappeared girl through ghostly encounters, vivid dreams, and divine intervention. Join Jodi on her reality-bending adventure as she works with police to bring justice to this disturbing, yet ultimately uplifting story.

Tonight's show is at 9 pm EST/8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific.