Simple Cheap Halloween Decorating

You don't need cookie cutter out of the box designs from Halloween shops and big chain stores. Try and make some of your own Halloween decor that suits you, your personality and the layout of your home. Here's just some ideas.

Eyes in the bushes - cut eye shaped holes into toilet paper cylinder. Slide a green or red glow stick inside and tape the ends so it doesn't fall out, set it inside bushes or limbs of tree.

Chicken wire shaped like a walking figure. Dig a hole, set into the hole, fill back in to help secure it into the ground

These hanging ghosts (above) are creepy, huh?  Have a person stand for you and wrap them in Saran wrap, holding their legs together and making a skirt. Now, cover it all in wrapping tape and then cut down the back and have the person step out of it. Tape it closed.  Hang by clear fishing line.

This head in a jar is a brilliant idea and the directions for this fun project are found here.

These ghosts are fun and cheap. Christmas lights, empty jugs and a Sharpie pen. Directions can be found here.

Unsettle your guests - red bloody handprints with simple paint on an old towel. Another option? Do the same thing on an apron and answer the door in a 1950s dress, heels, beehive hairstyle and a bloody apron.

Find templates and make your own window silhouettes here. 

Here's one I did. I bought a plain plague mask on Amazon for 9.95.  I painted it black, put on crackle medium, then painted it tan. I took burnt sienna paint and watered it down and worked it into the crevice areas for an uneven look.

Happy haunting!