Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Halloween Romance

There is no more romantic holiday for me than Halloween. A true mate would go over the top with creating an awesome House Haunt for the kiddies, perhaps throw a masquerade party, watch nonstop horror movies all month, and be a kid when it comes to carving pumpkins, cooking chili, drinking pumpkin ale, and dressing up for a party.

My Steampunk Ghost costume 

My Autumnal Druid costume - 

My autumn forest costume -

The season is about fantasy and role playing, chills and darkness, bonfires and pagan practices.

But what turns me on about Halloween the most is the forced intimacy. Chillier shorter days bring people together, to cuddle, to nest, to cook warm foods, to curl up before the fireplace and seek light and comfort. It's not so cold one is numb, but cold enough to want to stay in bed. Scary movies and candlelight create romantic settings. 

And, if a girl is lucky, her man is willing to put on a costume and become a fantasy for the night.

Women are used to putting on garters, corsets, push-up bras, big hair and makeup to let their man live out a fantasy, but a lot of men miss the boat on what a woman wants. She does not want to arrive at the party with him dressed up like a box of crayons or a hockey player. 

Just some costumes sure to make a woman get a bit gooshy inside (remember, women need their minds primed for heart-thumping sex).

Phantom (of the opera)
Police officer

Just some scenarios I think would be super sexy with a man during this fantastic season - 

Going to a carnival, riding rides, going into the funhouse, trying to win prizes.
Sitting by a bonfire at night, making smores, telling scary stories.
Creating a horrifying scarecrow together to set into the front yard for Halloween night.
Going to a haunted attraction together, holding each other as we sneak through the dark passages.
Laying a blanket out under a full moon in October and lying down, staring up and talking about the universe and its vastness.
Setting up a tripod and a remote button on the camera for long shutter speeds and going to an abandoned building and photographing it at night.
Candles lit, scary movies playing, picnic supper on blanket in front of the TV.
Putting on costumes and role playing all evening.
Candelight Ouija.
Hosting a wine and cheese party with seance to contact Tesla.
Setting up a telescope, bundling up with hot buttered rum and watching the sky.
Projecting Night of the Living Dead and The Wolf Man on a sheet in the yard while sitting in a hot tub.
Collecting leaves in the woods of every color to iron between wax paper back at the cabin, setting up a fire in the fireplace, and having a romantic supper before it.
Corn maze by full moon.

The possibilities are endless, but it is truly a season for cuddling up to scary things and chilly weather and home and hearth. What more could a single ghost hunter want?