Scariest Jack O'Lanterns

I believe this (above) is the greatest pumpkin carving ever done - zombies erupting!

Pumpkin caving isn't what it used to be. It's a whole new form of art for the Samhain season.

Perhaps the greatest carver of Jack O'Lanterns is Ray Villafane. An exceptional talent! 

He even sells his tool set on Amazon.

Here's just some other creative endeavors in the world of pumpkin sculpture to inspire you (and perhaps make you feel inadequate with a 99-cent tool carving kit from the drug store).


  1. Carvings like those (I recognized some of Ray Villafane's work) are part of the reason I enjoy watching Food Network's "Halloween Wars" show. Pumpkin carving continues to get better as Halloween continues to become more and more popular - 2nd only to Christmas in the amount of money spent.


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