Elijah Jefferson Bond was a lawyer and an inventor (aren't those two always associated?) He invented many things, but was best known for the patent for the Ouija Board in May 28, 1890.

To learn more about his life and his Kennard Novelty Company, go here.

The Ouija board has been utilized in a ridiculous amount of horror movies and just some of them are; The Uninvited, Thirteen Ghosts, The Exorcist, Awakenings, What Lies Beneath, Paranormal Activity, Amityville 3-D, Witchboard, and Only You.

In 1966, his estate sold his company and its games to Parker Brothers. which was sold to Hasbro and hence the Ouija spirit boards we know today.

In the Green Mount Cemetery in Maryland, Elijah Bond was laid to rest with a Ouija Headstone. If they had laid it flat instead, one might have been able to converse with him...

A great deal of people fear Ouija because they have heard stories of what an happen, as if it is some kind of active jinx.  They also began to attribute bad things that happen to them to having used it in the past. The superstitions surrounding it are huge, and yet these same people have no fear of doing an EVP session during a ghost hunt and asking ghosts to give answers or rap on the wall - the exact same "uncontrolled" calling of "any spirits who are listening."

Here's some stylish adaptations of Ouija -

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Ouija Ring

For more amazing artisan works, go to Etsy and type in "Ouija," it's quite enlightening!

In my upcoming SciFi horror novel, MetaNet, the first machine invented to speak to the other side was called the Ouija. I hope to have this novel out in Spring 2014 and it is my baby.

Wanna have some fun? Go to this site all about Ouija with an electronic Ouija board you can ask questions to.