Haunted Dining Room

It began with my handmade haunted mirror with black-eyed children (see instruction videos on right-hand side of this blog).

Then, I grew the concept of a haunted dining room more and more.

I had a cracked doll's head, but it didn't stand up. I put it in a glass candy dish and set candle holders around it and put a tea light inside.

I set all this atop of a glass platter.

Then, I took a tall candelabra in the corner, removed the candles and placed a white styrofoam head on the spikes and draped it in cloth and cheesecloth to make a ghost.  I eventually hope to fashion some arms so it's reaching out.

I added a tablecloth and hope to add a lace circle atop it too to make it more antique.

The last touch has been adding an 1860s photo of the house I grew up in.

Eventually, I hope to get an antique dining set and add candleabras and creepy wallpaper, but for now, this is fun!


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