Creepy Facebook Pages To Like

Creepy Places has the most amazing and obscure pictures of horrifying places, romantically creepy ones and unique locations.

Strange World  picks themes and throughout the day goes to town with creepy stuff you never knew about, unsettling stuff, surprising stuff, and is actually quite informative in this way.

Halloween is, well, everything Halloween!

Southwest Abandoned Places is done by my co-author, Julie Ferguson, who is an awesome urban exploration photographer.

Ultimate Horror Films pays homage to a wide variety of horror movies - all awesome.

Urbex has to do with one of my favorite hobbies - photographing and exploring abandoned buildings. 

Woodedwoods is a personal page of one of the most amazing creepy sculptures ever.

The Most Horrifying is all things that are shocking and nightmare-producing.

Abandoned Scotland  - creepy buildings left behind in Scotland.


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