Bigfoot's Relationship To Animals

I've reviewed an enormous number of audio recordings of Bigfoot language and noises and I have reported the findings in my post about Bigfoot Language.  In early November, I will be posting about Bigfoot Twig Symbols. Today, I want to discuss Bigfoot's intricate relationship with the wildlife around him.

In the setting outdoors of which these people exist, they are co-existing with animals, ones that are trainable, as man has done in the past with feeding domestic dogs, falconry and herding. In the situation of Bigfoot, having heard him use coyote and dog calls, crow and owl cries, they are very adept at communicating. In many audios I've listened to, they practice the animal sounds incessantly. Sometimes, they even mock them or coax them. Countless habituators have reported Bigfoot running with packs of wild dogs that they have trained. Who better to help watch out for those entering the forest? As well as groupings of loud crows that warn the forest of your entry.

Let's keep in mind how us hairless folks feel about our family pets. We exist in the house together. We talk to them. Expect them to behave. Teach them tricks. And they protect us in return. We are utilizing the other living being within our territory.  It is in our nature to see them as part human, but was there a time we saw ourselves as part animal?

Looking back at Paleo Indians and their relationships with animals and the use of them for guards, sentinels, and food sources, the symbols and ceremonial costumes depicting anthropomorphic figures of half man/half beast begin to make sense. They are not saying essentially that they had an interdependent existence and when one is in the wild, he uses the companions that suit him, much the same as a middle-aged woman might use her cats to keep her company.

It is entirely possible that man in his days in the wild saw himself as part of a large pack, grouping himself with the wildlife, sometimes the piper leading them along, and other counting on them for warnings and signs of what is approaching.

These moments in which Bigfoot mimics the cries of the birds may not even be imitative and used for communication between themselves, but perhaps even communication with the animals. Have we lost our ability to animal-speak, to study in the wild their calls and know how to respond back and forth? Is Bigfoot using an entire wildlife area as his own personal gang? And, is this exactly what man did in the past when he was not living by agricultural means?

Were shaman of the past able to so easily communicate with wildlife that they took on the cape of a beast in the form of a shapeshifter in order to symbolize the very fact that he saw himself as part wolf, part bear, part bird?

Perhaps Bigfoot isn't so much tagging onto the end of bird cries to signal his own, but to respond to the bird.  The knowledge of their environment in order to remain cloaked and safe was developed over thousands of years.

When you consider that most of us saw home computers, VCRs and cell phones during our lifetime and adapted quite readily in a short period of time to our technology-based life and using it to our advantage, imagine what we would do in the forest if our technology was our companions of the woodland?

Bigfoot, the ultimate animal whisperer.