Arizona Halloween

Julie and I went to the Asylum and The Crypt in Mesa, Arizona and we had the biggest blast ever!

We got the ticket that was all encompassing so we could do both places, The Crypt and The Asylum and also the Chaos Maze.  We went through the Crypt with a couple and two teen boys who were twitching nervously and very excited. They ran from the guy with the buzz saw almost all the way to the parking lot. No rescue for us gals!  The Crypt was really good, but I was surprised by how the Asylum totally hit every note with me. There were crazies in there, there was a morgue, but my favorite part was the latter half of the indoor maze that took us through racks of antique clothing into a room of dolls and then a room of clowns. We had a seriously fun time in that one. I could have gone through that one a few times. The maze was fun too. Lots of clowns to misdirect us. The sets were fantastic and the characters were very in character. All in all, double thumbs up! If you tend to startle easy, you will do well in these. You can pretty much guess where they're jumping out from. Not too many loud noise which I appreciate. I really just get fascinated going into places that feel like movie sets and these were very nicely done. How fun it must be to design and assemble!

Julie and I also went to Schnepf Farms Pumpkin and Chili Festival.  It was, as always, a fun event. The pumpkin patch is adorable with the little kiddies running around to find the right one.

As always, we had a blast in the corn maze and it was a full moon so that made it even more awesome and creepy. They also have food galore, rides, petting zoo, fun shows, and hay ride. We do it every year and just love it.  It's as close to autumn in the desert as you can get!


  1. Glad you had a good time. One day, when I have the means, I'm gonna travel the whol U.S. seeing as many haunts as possible. It will be glorious.

    1. I've always wanted to do a headless horseman type woodland themed one in Hudson Valley.

    2. Sounds awesome. I've already got ideas for my own haunted theme park, with all kinds of attractions, not just haunts. One day...


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