Thursday, September 26, 2013

Surprises From the Abandoned Trailer Park

I've been photographing this abandoned trailer park for several years, each time finding more and more of it gone. Originally other trailers and shed have long since been taken down and hauled away. Just one stubborn trailer remained and the other day, Julie (my co-author) and I found it collapsed. The trash items all around the desert were still strewn all over the place and this time a pack of dogs awaited us, wild ones.  Ironically, my son who did a film about the place while in college, had written a short story inspired about it of a man trapped in his trailer while the hounds of hell taunted him. That story went through my mind as we approached to photograph.

Vultures flew around overhead in silent circles.

As always, we ran into yet ANOTHER boat in the desert -

And the trailer was rather fascinating -

It gets even odder that we felt compelled to go see the place, feeling like it might be gone. And, it was definitely collapsed on its last leg. As well, the night before we were looking online for a bowl to use on our book signing table to fill with bookmarks and such, and we were trying to find a bowl held up by ghosts. We thought maybe at the trash site, we'd find an old hubcap that might be interesting to use, but as I stood in a spot I stood in a dozen other times, I looked down and almost missed sitting right on the desert floor, a glass bowl held up by a ghost.

Now, that gave us goosebumps!

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