Signs From the Universe: Intuition

My son needed to do a video for college (major in digital art) so we headed out in the desert to find a cool abandoned location. We came across an abandoned trailer park, at least it appeared to be so, but the contents of the trailers, tons and tons of possessions were strewn all over the desert floor.

It was eerie and it appeared as if it were a place folks had stored trailers to the brim with items-stolen???

We picked through it, photographed and proceeded to film his short film.

Then, he went back to show a friend the place. They went inside the trailers, looked around, and he came across a diary. He studied the girlish scrolling of an adolescent and her words of confusion, anger, loneliness, and just plain awkwardness. He didn't know why, but he pocketed it and took it home.

He studied the diary over and over again looking for clues. Who was she? Where was she now? This was written in the early 90s and it was the 2000s. She was an adult now. Did she turn out okay?

His intuition told him to take the diary. His intuition kept feeling this fiery need to hurry and find her. We sat up, studying the blurred inscriptions with a magnifying glass, gathering names and the school she went to (way across the Valley of the Sun). He found one of the guy's on Facebook. He was the right age. Went to that school. So, he impulsively contacted him.

The guy told him, "yeah, I knew her. We're still friends. She's in Washington, I'll let her know you have her diary." The woman contacted Alex and said, "Oh my God! I'm writing my memoirs and I'm missing my teen years diary. I've been at a stalemate." He packed it up and sent it to her. She had no idea how it ended up in a place she had never been, but it called to him, he felt the urgency, the tickling inside that urged him on to do it NOW!

The intuitive is an amazing tool.  Learn to recognize that bothering, itchy, won't let you go feeling.