Plastic to Fuel: Technology Game Changer For a New World

I perform stock trading and investing. The investing is always in companies making a change in the world for the better. I am investing in my future financially, but also my future grand-children's future.

JBI is one of my most proud acquisitions. I have seen it face a great deal of frustration as it takes a most amazing concept of pyrolysis and make it not only workable, but efficient and a truly world-changing thing.

Taking plastics, even non-recyclable, and being able to make ultra-low sulfur fuel in many forms from diesel to naphtha and more, was the company's objective and now they have come to a pivotal point where I am downright proud to be invested in this world-changing technology.

Plastics are one of the most harmful man-made items we put into our landfills and we only recycle a very small amount of it. JBI not only has the ability to take plastics and convert to a clean fuel, but they also have the potential to sell these processors to companies that put out plastics that they are not allowed to dump into fills and produce fuel to actually run their plants.

As I see JBI make partnerships with companies like Crayola (see story here), I am a very proud long-term investor and I also say hats off to John Bordynuik, the man who designed the catalyst that makes this process work and took it to where it is now in spite of those trying to keep the technology from going mainstream. Y'all know how I love minds. This man's is a magnificent example of a person living to his potential without limitations.

And, it is the world that will be rewarded.