Saturday, September 28, 2013

Leaving Our Bodies: Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Near-Death Experiences and Dreaming

Does the body carry the mind around or does the mind carry the body around?

We are more than just our physical limitations as a "solid object." We know this because every night we enter the dream world and during our work days we enter the daydream world. There are many ways in which our mind escapes the confines of our bodies and even travels distances and time.

Just as you're falling asleep, in that wonderfully blissful relaxed state, your entire body takes on a rushing sensation as if you are free falling; you startle, your body jumping, as you come awake with a protective reaction. You have just experienced something 70% of all people do at some point - a hypnic jerk.

The "Silver Cord" is a term used to explain a kind of psychic spiritual strand of light that holds our spirit to our body. When that cord is severed, we are fully dead, but those who experience NDEs feel a sense of separating from the body and then when returned to continue their physical life, they are snapped back into the body by this bungee-like silver cord that startles them, awakening them. Those who practice astral projection (the practice of having one's spiritual body leave their physical body), will tell you that they can always come back to their body because unless the body is dead, the cord is never severed.

In near-death experiences, the people undergoing them describe travel, out of the body, out of the room, down a tunnel, to other places. Those who perform purposeful out of body experiences during astral projection say it does not deal with time and space--it is immediate. Basically, this is a dream state.

In our sleep state, are we really traveling the world immediately in our astral form and, if so, are we sometimes interpreted as ghosts?

Here's a story that had me wondering. For some time, I was having dreams that had me waking up feeling completely exhausted the next day, as if I had traveled all night. The dreams were vague, but very busy and tiring mentally. I even woke up a few times, speaking a foreign language fluently. It shocked me to hear myself so easily speaking a foreign tongue.

I woke up late on a day off from a very detailed dream still vivid in my mind. I was in an apartment in Greece, speaking to a dark-haired woman with a dark-haired man standing behind her. She was leaning towards me speaking very slowly as she answered my question about where I would find the ruins in Athens.

When I awakened, I wondered if there was any reason I would be thinking about Greece. I recalled the night before I fell asleep, I was reading a blog from a wonderful psychic in Greece. Out of curiosity, I sent her a note, "did you have any weird visions lately?" Hours later, I got a message from her telling me that she had to take a moment and look up my blog to see my picture. She said, "It was you, wasn't it?" I said, "What do you mean?" She said, "You were in my apartment with me and my fiance. I am sorry if I sounded funny, but my English is rough at best and I spoke slowly so you could understand me." I blinked, mouth hanging open. I had visited her as I slept.

Sleep is an interesting and complex situation in which a person stops their daily life, lies down to hibernate in a situation that allows their body to be paralyzed so their mind can travel. But, is that travel internal or external? Do we haunt the earth during sleep in a sort of spirit form and interact with one another in the spiritual realm, as well as other entities that reside there 24/7? Is it a master design that we put our body into paralysis so the physical form stays put while the spiritual takes flight? Scientists can gauge brain activity during REM sleep (dream state), but does the mind launch the spirit?

It's come to my conclusion as a psychic and as a person who believes we can interact without physical contact, that there a way in which we exceed the borders of our body. We spend too much thinking about the human body as a vessel with boundaries and that we remain within that vessel. But, what if our boundaries extend beyond the body in an auric field? Or perhaps even astrally project? And, what of remote viewing, where people in one location can see another far away location in their minds?

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