Is Bigfoot Interdimensional?

It's a concept that caught fire and got spread around the cryptid community - is Bigfoot interdimensional? Why do his footprints stop in mid track? Why is he able to hide so well? Why do we see him and then he seems to disappear? Why are lights associated in the woods where he is hiding?

It seems that something living in the woods, eating the foods, leaving footprints and bad odors is a biological being. 

So, how does he transfer from one dimension to the next?

Although I find this theory interesting, but hardly feasible, I will play devil's advocate and try and come up with a feasible explanation - if this were true, what is the most plausible explanation for transdimensional toggling?

Let's look at a comparison. In our physical form we are here on the earth, but as we die, we pass on to the next dimension in a spiritual form. We have both within us - physical and spiritual, but they are of human nature - humans born to humans - making us dominantly human on Earth.

So, if you want to support interdimensional explanations the most likely logical one in that category is Nephilim (Sons of God who mated with Women of Men) creating a race of giants called Nephilim. They are half of the spiritual realm (angelic), half of the human.

These hybrids would have our biological needs, but they do not need our technology-they are spiritually so far ahead of us that we will not relate to their mindset until we pass on to the spiritual realm. Like the angels who came down to breed with human women, they would be able to access both worlds.

What if that mating of angel and human brought with it a way to toggle between physical and spiritual forms so that you can enter and exit at will?  Best of both worlds.

If Bigfoot were, in fact, one of these beings and had the ability to perceive and interact with the spirit realm in the next dimension, do you think he would need technology? Buildings? Cars? and the rest of our physical world preoccupations? Imagine if you could gaze at and interact with a Heaven world and all its beauty and connectedness?  What if they can use their angel form when they desire, their physical form when they desire? They are hybrids. Not of either world. If Nephilim were possible, then angels could mate with humans - come from Heaven World and move into Earth World. Spiritual to physical.

Another factor to recall for why they come and go - they may be odd man out on the next dimension as they are here. Here they are shunned as the Nephilim by us and by Heaven for being cast out.  And this would account for their shameful retreat. They now they are not of either world. To engage with either would mean cursing themselves and others even more.

This is an interesting and somewhat tragic scenario, but should Bigfoot indeed be interdimensional, my bet is this scenario. Any scenario that would include them coming here to learn about us is ridiculous. They can't learn much hiding out in the woods.