Haunted B&Bs

Paranormal Geeks take vacations, but not like the general population. Nope. We seek out historic battlefields, haunted city tours, sites of tragic events, and picturesque cemeteries. If this autumn you're in the mood for a getaway in a place that might offer lots of amenities including ghosts, here's some intriguing choices.

Charleston, SC

Battery Carriage House Inn

Often referred to as Charleston's most haunted inn, the Battery was an active artillery installation during the Civil War and a headless torso is seen. Can't get much more thrilling than that. They have several ghosts reported and the local ghost tours often give a nod to the stately B&B.  Consider adding to this getaway a haunted history tour by carriage. And, do not miss the self-guided walking tour through the city and cemetery -

Stowe, VT

This gorgeous inn is on the national register of historic places. It has seen many uses and visits by presidents over the decades. The ghost, referred to as "Boots" was a stableboy who risked his life when horses bolted and became a local hero.  Folks report his ghost tap dancing on the third floor. He apparently met his demise falling from the roof, just above the very room he was born in. While there, enjoy a lantern ghost tour.  Check out the Old Yard Center Cemetery.

Ironton, MO

The Parlour

This charming home was built in 1901. At one point, it was a funeral parlour. Apparitions, voices, and objects going missing are just some of the reported phenomena.  This is a fantastic location for those who love historic old buildings kept in pristine order. The town itself and the buildings are a step back in time.

New Orleans, LA

This historic Civil War Building comes complete with ghosts, pool, and serious restaurant. There are way too many tours to take in New Orleans to even link them all, but they include zombies, ghosts, voodoo, vampires, history and more. The cemetery has a tour also that is exceedingly creepy in one of the most haunted and beautiful cemeteries in the US.

Ft Worth, TX

Established as a boarding house in 1910, Miss Molly is the oldest B&B in Ft. Worth. At one time, it was a bordello. There are plenty of sightings throughout and most of them are of the old working girls from the past. They report full-body apparitions, scents, toilets flushing, cold spots, and much more.  Ft. Worth offers Ghost Tours. The historic Oakwood Cemetery is one to check out while here too.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Topping my list of must-stay places is Heceta Head Lighthouse. In fact, if I were insanely in love enough to wed again, this would be one of my dream honeymoon locations.  This utterly charming lighthouse was built in the late 1800s on Native land.  It's believed to be haunted by an elderly woman named Rue. Although most sightings are in the attic, the apparition has been seen elsewhere and lots of other interesting phenomena.

Outside of Tacoma, Washington

Thornewood Castle 

Talk about romantic! In the early 1900s, a man bought this mansion from England that was 400 years old. He had it dismantled and brought over brick by brick to buy this amazing home for his bride. This is a gorgeous estate on a lake and charming, but also reportedly haunted. One report has a woman's figure being seen on the window seat when gazing into the mirror. A man in old-styled clothing has also been seen. Lights going on and off, noises with no one there... Lots of class haunting features are reported in this gracious manor. 

To find more listings of haunted B&Bs that might be in your area - check this great list.